25 Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Manufacturing Business Ideas

Starting a large business is fine. Provided, you have ample capital and other resources required. However, a glimpse into most large business houses of India reveals, they started as small scale manufacturers and expanded over time. More often than not, it can be pretty difficult to find capital to start a business. Given this scenario,…

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10 Best Investment Options in India for High Returns

investment options

You have to invest your money wisely so that your assets grow and generate good returns, well above rate of inflation. People choose different investment options like Equity, Debt, Real Estate, Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Commodities, Antiques, Paintings, Carbon Credits, Forex, Derivatives etc. ‘Equity’ is a cat amongst the pigeons and best investment plan. Equity gives…

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15 Surest Ways to Live Unhappy Life

unhappy life

Everyone wants to be happy. Perhaps, this is the sole purpose of our fragile life on Earth. Whatever we do, our every action is aimed at becoming happier and more content in life. Unfortunately, some of us invite negativity and unhappiness. Sorrow or sadness does not manifest itself. It requires a wanton, conscious effort. Defining…

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Event Management – Booming Career to Watch out for!

event management

Most of us have attended at least one event till date. By event, we mean a grand wedding, feast or even a school/ college anniversary celebration. Further, most of us retain happy memories of the event for one or more reasons. Yet, most of us are not grateful to those invisible souls who exert extra…

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Excellent Income Opportunities with Skill India

“Let us pledge to make India the skill capital of the world,” Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, said in a historic speech on July 15, 2015. The PM made these encouraging remarks during the launch ceremony of Skill India program. Today, Skill India is hailed as the world’s single largest national initiative by any…

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14 Best Online Jobs from Home – No Investment to Earn Money

online jobs

Online Jobs are the excellent ways to make good money working from the comfort of your home. Almost all online jobs are without investment. More than 560,000 members are earning $1000 (Rs60,000) or more using the guidelines provided in SureJob Online Jobs training. Most of the people even make $5000 or more from the online…

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