Career Tips

Employee Engagement: Top 20 Activities & Ideas for Boosting Performance

employee engagement

Employee attrition rates worldwide are increasing. Of course, not everyone is jumping jobs as one would assume. Your company possibly provides the best working conditions, salaries and perks. Yet, people will leave. There are several reasons employees leave a company. However, the prime cause of attrition is sheer lack of well defined employee engagement policy.…

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I don’t Have Enough Experience for a Job. What should I do?

no job experience

“I want a job but can’t have it because of no previous experience.” ☹ Ever found yourself in such a fix? You can always put your best foot forward and achieve the unachievable smartly! But wait! Have you really got no work experience at all? Think about it deeply. Not getting paid for something does…

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Excellent Goal Setting Guide with Ways to Achieve Goals

Goal Setting

“Stop setting goals. Goals are a fantasy unless you have specific plans to achieve them”- Stephen R. Covey. Words by this topmost American management expert and motivational speaker aptly describe why people fail to achieve their goals. Indubitably, most of us go about our lives waiting for things to happen by natural course. Instead, we…

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How to Become a Pilot: Eligibility, Training, Study & Salary

Every child dreamt of flying. Some wished to fly as passengers while others wished to become pilots, taking aircraft soaring into skies. Most kids have possessed at least one toy aeroplane or helicopter. The urge to scale new heights, especially travel in clouds, is an innate instinct of humans. Since centuries, attempted to imitate birds…

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