Top 10 Professional Courses after 12th Standard

Professional courses after 12th

Indian students consider Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)/12th as turning point of their lives. Post HSC, students are confronted with multiple choices. Indian colleges and universities offer wide range of courses. Higher studies after 12th standards come in two categories: Bachelor/ Diploma degree profession linked courses. Degree/ Diploma courses These include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of…

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Top 10 Must-Learn Cyber Security Courses and Certifications

An acute shortage of cyber security experts is threatening the world. Everyone from your family to that astronaut on a space station is prone to a cyber attack. Ever increasing dependence on the Internet and computer systems has made personal, national and global security more susceptible to criminals and terrorists. Hackers persevere tirelessly to siphon…

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A Complete Guide for Online MBA Courses in India

Once regarded as an elite educational qualification, the degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) has become ubiquitous since its arrival in India nearly 70 years ago. Nowadays, a MBA degree is considered as entry level qualification for several jobs. The demand for an MBA degree is so high in India that over 5,500 educational institutions…

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Lucrative Career Opportunities for Mining Graduates

Why mining sector in India is about to grow? This year India crossed 300,000 MW in power generation. However still this is not enough. China generates 5 times more electricity than we do. Most of the electricity in India comes from thermal power. Hence thermal plant needs more and more coal. So there is a…

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