Annamalai University Distance Education Course Details

Annamalai University is one of the best distance learning universities in the country. Before I give you the course details about the university you need to know more about it. Annamalai University is Asia’s largest public residential universities. The university is located in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu and spreads across 1500 acres of land. It offers…

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Hotel Management Courses & Career in Hotel Management

Earlier you have to be either a doctor or an engineer because you had no other alternative. However now with growing economy you can become other than a doctor or an engineer. In this article we shall talk about your career in hospitality industry. And Hotel Management could be a great career opportunity if you…

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Choose Your ITI Course from this List of 50 Best ITI Courses

iti courses

ITI courses are the best way to learn any vocational skills. It is not necessary that everyone has to be a doctor or an IIT engineer. You can also be a technician or a mechanic. If you don’t have to pursue higher education then you go for a diploma in various ITI courses. In this…

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A Guide for Becoming a Certified Chartered Accountant & CA Courses

In my family there are many chartered accountants, even I tried to become one but couldn’t succeed. Few years back I was preparing for Chartered Accountant, I gave my best shot then I decided to quit for some other good reason. However, while preparing for the exam I learned some great things and I would…

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Best Web Designing Courses for a Lucrative Career

Web designing could be very lucrative if you are really serious about it. In this article we explore how web designing courses could be good for your career if you know how to work with certain platforms. Moreover you also need certain skills to succeed in this line of work. So let us see what…

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Eligibility for Fashion Designing Courses in India

fashion designing course

A fashion designer is the one who plans, visualizes and implement a dress that includes fabrics, colors, texture, accessories, etc. He/she is the one who sketches before putting the design and the material. He takes proper measurements and accordingly put the stitches for better comfort and size. Now a days, clothing is simply not restricted…

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