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Eligibility for Fashion Designing Courses in India

fashion designing course

A fashion designer is the one who plans, visualizes and implement a dress that includes fabrics, colors, texture, accessories, etc. He/she is the one who sketches before putting the design and the material. He takes proper measurements and accordingly put the stitches for better comfort and size. Now a days, clothing is simply not restricted…

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A Guide for Fashion Designing Courses in India

fashion designing courses

Out of the 1.2 billion Indian population, which is about 17% of the world’s total, a whopping 50% is aged below 30. This makes India the most powerful country in terms of a very important resource pool, essential for almost every form of work: the youth. Indeed, we have a population that if given the right…

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Top 20 Fashion Designing Colleges in India

If you have passion for designing clothes, new styles, new trends and creativity then you should choose fashion designing as your career. Now fashion designing is also considered as one of the serious career option and one of the most glamorous career option. In fashion designing also there are various courses and at various levels…

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5 Best Unconventional Professional Courses that Can Get You Highest Paying Jobs

The title of the article would be clear to you, if it is not then let me explain. Unconventional means professional courses which are not in mainstream. In other words, courses those are not popular among students like conventional courses such as medical, engineering, dental etc. If we follow the common trend thenyou will find a student ….

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