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Top 50 Offline & Online Part Time Jobs in Bangalore

Part Time Jobs in Bangalore

Young students, women and retirees do need an extra income. If you live in Bangalore & looking for offline or online part time jobs in Bangalore that can give you regular extra income then this is must-read article for you. These jobs give you an opportunity to make some extra money working for just few…

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Top 7 Jobs for Ex-servicemen

Life at defence is something interesting and due to the risk involved in this profession, only a few people take it up. Also, they take pleasure in serving the nation for some years. After having served the nation for some years, ex-servicemen generally look for some jobs to keep themselves active and to continue their…

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11 Tips for Successful Salary Negotiation with HR

You have to choose which one you would like. If you really want a job that pays you this much amount then you will obviously need right skills for the job as well as ability for successful salary negotiations with Human Resource (HR) manager. I mean to say, even if you have right skills for the job but to get maximum salary you need to negotiate with them [….]

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10 Questions About Job Fairs Every Fresher Should Ask

You might have heard about job fairs. If you are a graduate or still attending college, you must be aware of job fairs organized in your city. So a fresher who is looking for a job must know about them. Thus, here are 10 tentative questions that a fresher would like to ask regarding job fairs …

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