highest paying jobs

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India For You to Make a Career In

The question, which are the highest paying jobs in India, often arise in our minds. We sometimes wonder whether we’re in the wrong profession or career, especially when our income isn’t...
resignation letter

How to Write a Resignation Letter (with Format & Samples)

Over several years of service at various levels, including top management, I’ve been through countless resignation letters. And I’ve submitted a handful of job resignation letter myself for various reasons. With some...
Supporting Documents for Job Interview

Top 10 Supporting Documents Required for a Job Interview

Whether you’re an experienced candidate or fresher, getting an interview call is always exciting, so be prepared with skills and these documents required for a job interview.  It can prove a...
job change

Top Common Yet Most Critical Reasons For Job Change

Job change affects both, an employee and the employer. By my experience, any reason for job change is a bitter-sweet experience with a somewhat sour aftertaste. This holds true in almost every...
best fonts for resume

Best Font for Resume: 10 Professional Fonts to Use for Resume

A resume, Curriculum Vitae (CV) or bio-data is your first introduction to a prospective employer. Therefore, ensuring that you have used the best font for resume. Because resume or other such documents...
positive attitude

10 Simple Yet Most Effective Ways to Develop & Maintain a Positive Attitude at...

Developing and maintaining a positive attitude at the workplace is very important nowadays. Regardless whether you are a junior employee, manager or the employer, maintaining a positive attitude is imperative if...