Supporting Documents for Job Interview

Top 10 Supporting Documents Required for a Job Interview

Whether you’re an experienced candidate or fresher, getting an interview call is always exciting, so be prepared with skills and these documents required for a job interview.  It can prove a...
job change

Top Common Yet Most Critical Reasons For Job Change

Job change affects both, an employee and the employer. By my experience, any reason for job change is a bitter-sweet experience with a somewhat sour aftertaste. This holds true in almost every...
best fonts for resume

Best Font for Resume: 10 Professional Fonts to Use for Resume

A resume, Curriculum Vitae (CV) or bio-data is your first introduction to a prospective employer. Therefore, ensuring that you have used the best font for resume. Because resume or other such documents...
positive attitude

10 Simple Yet Most Effective Ways to Develop & Maintain a Positive Attitude at...

Developing and maintaining a positive attitude at the workplace is very important nowadays. Regardless whether you are a junior employee, manager or the employer, maintaining a positive attitude is imperative if...
how to start a political career

How to Join Politics & Become an Indian Politician

All of us have ideas about how to run this vast country known as India. And we share these views with relatives and friends pretty often. But if you truly want...
Digital marketing jobs

Scope of Digital Marketing: Jobs & Career Opportunities in India

The world is getting digitized very fast and India is not far behind. In recent years most of the small and big businesses in the country have changed the way they...
LIC agent

How to Become LIC Agent: Know Exam, Salary, Commission

Imagine a scenario where you cannot find a job or do not want to work but desperately need money. Or, you wish to make extra money for family while saving for...
Amazon Flex Program

How to Earn Rs.30,000 and More with Amazon Flex Program: A Complete Guide

Did you know it’s now possible to make Rs.30,000 and more every month by starting own business with zero investment and using resources you have? If not, you definitely need to know...

How to Become a Data Scientist & Why it’s a Hot Career Choice in...

From a field that did not even exist a couple of decades ago to being touted as one of the hottest career choices of this decade "Data Scientist" is the new...
digital marketing questions and answers

10 Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions with Best Answers

Any fresher or experienced candidate would worry about digital marketing interview questions when applying for jobs. Hence, we provide some insights into what questions you may expect. Regardless of whether you are...
learn hindi

How to Learn Hindi Easily in 30 days in 10 Simple Ways

Not every Indian citizen is fluent or knows Hindi. The Indian census 2011 indicates, only 43.63% of India’s population calls Hindi their native language. Overall, Hindi and its main dialect, Hindustani (combination...
leadership qualities

13 Leadership Qualities for Becoming a Good Leader

Everyone has their own vague ideas about leadership qualities. I have mine too. Over all these years at topmost positions across the globe, I finally accept one definition of leadership, the...