Setting Sails for Sales – Sales Management

Each one of us is familiar with the term ‘sales’. As per the Merriam webmaster dictionary, it is nothing, but the total amount of money received by a business from selling...
types of Interviews

Top 10 Common Yet Most Different Types of Interviews

Overall these years, I’ve attended numerous different types of interviews. Obviously, I was successful at some while failing others for some of the other reasons. Why would I fail sometimes? Because...

10 Things You Should Unlearn to Succeed at Work

Someone said unlearning is more important than learning. In fact, it is more difficult to unlearn acquired habits than learn new things. Usually people fail to unlearn certain things in their...

Is it Essential for Job Seekers to Keep a Social Media Profile?

Whether you like it or not, these days social media plays a major role in the recruiting process. Job seekers post their qualifications and experience in their profile and hiring managers...

Top 15 Part Time Jobs in Mumbai

If you are a homemaker or a student, an unemployed youth, a retired  or someone need extra income to run their day to day expenses, here are 15 best part time...

Top 5 Post Graduate Course for Commerce Students (B.Com)

Commerce – the evergreen field used to have only a couple of options to pursue. With the change in times, one can find that there are numerous choices available for student...

Jobs and Careers for MBA Graduates

I simply can’t over emphasize the importance of MBA. In recent years job markets have shown that there is a great need for good business administrators. MBA is a post graduate degree...
Interpersonal Skills

Importance of Interpersonal Skills And Why Everyone Should Have It

Every jobseeker will have come across the term “interpersonal skills” while browsing employment related advertisements. Due you know the meaning of interpersonal skills and what are the top interpersonal skills? Nowadays, every...
prepare govt jobs

How to Prepare For Government Jobs While You Are In College

Well Guys! Best part of your life is the college life. I still remember my college life, we enjoyed every moment of it. Let it be, hostel, college canteen or even classroom,...
career apps

10 Career Apps You Should Know About

Students and job seekers worldwide face a common dilemma: Which is the best course to study for an amazing career and what are jobs now trending. Their predicament is further aggravated...
highest paying jobs

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India For You to Make a Career In

The question, which are the highest paying jobs in India, often arise in our minds. We sometimes wonder whether we’re in the wrong profession or career, especially when our income isn’t...

60 Days Preparation Plan for BSNL JE

Recruitment for BSNL JE, Junior Engineer (Earlier known as TTA) is very tough. In order to qualify you need to go through an entrance exam conducted by the BSNL. The exam is...