How to Calculate Gross Salary & How it’s Different than Net Salary

If you read our previous article we wrote about average salary in India and how it compares around the world. However before you know about average salary you need to how a...

Top 5 Lucrative Career Options People Ignore after HSC

You have just finished your HSC exams, and a whole burden of studies is lifted from your shoulders. But, before you heave a sigh of relief, another crucial question pops up...
job application

10 Tips on Writing a Job Winning Application and CV

In increasingly competitive environment, getting employment is indeed a commendable achievement. It is common knowledge that bagging job means sending a job application. Most applicants wrongly believe application letters are redundant in...

Why We Should Support Reservation in a Sarkari Naukri

Let me begin with this direct question to all of you. What do you know about reservation in India? Well! I hope you have seen the bollywood movie Arakshan released this year. The movie very well portrayed about the diverse opinion in the country about reservation in various Sarkari Naukri [...]

10 Skills Every Employee Should Have

Whenever there is vacancy in an organization the employer continues the interview till he/she finds the right candidate with the right skills. Even though if the candidate is having the required qualification...
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Air Hostess Salary in India – Cabin Crew Pay & Allowances

Air hostess salary in India is very high, which makes the job even more exciting. There are also other excellent benefits that air hostesses enjoy. Visiting distant cities and foreign countries is...
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25 Best Hard Work Quotes to Feel Motivated and Focused

There are several times when I strongly feel that my efforts are leading nowhere. And this can be quite demotivating. Maybe you experience such situations too. One of the things I...

11 Tips for Successful Salary Negotiation with HR

You have to choose which one you would like. If you really want a job that pays you this much amount then you will obviously need right skills for the job as well as ability for successful salary negotiations with Human Resource (HR) manager. I mean to say, even if you have right skills for the job but to get maximum salary you need to negotiate with them [....]
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Graphic Design Jobs – 21 Best Jobs for Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a form of communication that includes visual content. The visual content can include anything in the form of pictures, typography, illustration, icons, and so on. With the evolution of...
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Top 10 Common Yet Most Different Types of Interviews

Overall these years, I’ve attended numerous different types of interviews. Obviously, I was successful at some while failing others for some of the other reasons. Why would I fail sometimes? Because...

7 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn for Career Success

As compared to what it was some years ago, the hiring market has developed to a great extent. Even though, media and digital space has developed widely these days, many job...
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Importance of English Language in Our Life

In the digital age that we find ourselves in today, the world has grown both larger and smaller in more ways than one. A majority of us tend to spend a...