best educational websites in India for kids

Top 13 Best Educational Websites For Kids To Secure Your Child’s Future

As parents we all remember having to wake up early in the morning and rushing to school with a bagful of books – that often weighed more than we dd. Once back...
education loan

A Concise Guide for a Education Loan for Students in India

Higher education in India is getting very expensive. If you want to do medical or engineering from a decent college, then you need a massive amount of money. For example a five...
how to be smart

How To Be Smart and Active: 15 Easy-to-Do Hacks For a Smarter You

Are smart people born or made? That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? But what one can say for sure is that with a little time and concerted efforts anybody can become smart. In fact,...
distance education

A Beginners Guide to Distance Education in India

Distance education or distance learning is the medium of gaining an education without having to attend regular classroom lectures. In existence globally since the mid-1800s, when students submitted tests and assignments via...
scholarships for engineering students

Top 12 Best Scholarships for Engineering Students (BE / B tech) in India

As a career option, Engineering continues to remain one of the most popular career choices for students in India. I am sure that many of you are already considering this option to...
top youtubers channels

Top YouTubers in India & Most Subscribed YouTube Channels)

This digital era is a boon for the creative people. In earlier years, creative people, those who can dance, sing, mimic or cook, named their activity as their hobby...
fun activities for kids

25 Fun Educational Activities for Kids to Sharpen their Brains

Easy availability of smart-phones, Internet and TV is turning children into the proverbial couch potato nowadays. Instead of spending time on activities that can help their studies and career, they indulge...
educational games for kids

13 Best Educational Games Sites for Kids for their Academic Development

Kids are always a source of great joy to each one of us. But as parents, it’s also our responsibility to prepare them for life’s challenges by pushing the boundaries of their...
co curricular activities

What are Co-curricular Activities at Schools – Importance with 25 Examples

If you are a student of parent of school going kids, you will be aware of co-curricular activities at schools. In simple words, co-curricular activities are learning programs that support the...
caste certificate

How to Apply for Caste Certificate Online & Offline

People belonging to historically disadvantaged communities in India are officially classified as members of Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs). These terms also find recognition in Article 17 of our Constitution,...

What is Cryptocurrency? Know Everything About it

Cryptocurrency- a word that has taken both the real and virtual world by storm in recent years and not always for the right reasons. But what exactly does it mean and why...
cost of education

How Much is the Cost of Education in India?

Do you want your child’s admission in kinder garden? Or You have a child waiting to go Primary or Secondary school? Or He/she is young enough to join a bachelor degree...