New Education Policy

Everything About National Education Policy in India (NEP 2020)

In July 2020, the Cabinet approved the new National Education Policy (NEP) with an aim to overhaul education in India and the overall education sector. This is the first major national...

Top 5 Challenges in Primary Education in India

In India major challenges in education sector lies in the rural areas. Still Indian rural areas don’t get the high quality primary education and they lack many further opportunities. After 60 years...
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Best Productivity Apps for Android in 2019

With the start of every year, we all list out what all went right and what went wrong. We all want to improve ourselves in the upcoming year. With the onset of...
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List of Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India for Cheap & Discounted Products

Close to 329.1 million people are projected to buy goods and services online in India by 2020, says the US-based statistics portal, Statista. This means that about 70.7 percent of internet...
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Top 10 Universities in the USA in 2019

The USA has always been an irresistible magnet for students seeking an advanced education from around the world. Made famous as – The Land of Opportunity – millions of students apply and...
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Top 12 Best Scholarships for Engineering Students (BE / B tech) in India

As a career option, Engineering continues to remain one of the most popular career choices for students in India. I am sure that many of you are already considering this option to...
education loan

A Concise Guide for a Education Loan for Students in India

Higher education in India is getting very expensive. If you want to do medical or engineering from a decent college, then you need a massive amount of money. For example a five...
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8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Reading Comprehension Skills

We all live in a world where knowing how to read and write fluently is crucial – both for work and pleasure. So for those still struggling with reading comprehension, the feeling...
Books to Read

Top 25 Best Fiction and Romantic Books to Read Ever

People around the world read for different reasons. Some read best books to enrich their knowledge, others to gain insights into topics beyond their human comprehension. Still, others read a lot to...
top universities in the world

Top 10 Universities in the World in 2019

Getting a chance to study at a prestigious top universities in the world abroad is a dream come true for many Indian students. However, once you have made a decision to study...
distance education

A Beginners Guide to Distance Education in India

Distance education or distance learning is the medium of gaining an education without having to attend regular classroom lectures. In existence globally since the mid-1800s, when students submitted tests and assignments via...

Higher education in India: Issues and Challenges

If India has to become an economic power then it has to focus on education. Government has to focus on both form of education higher and primary. In this article we are focusing...