how to memorize

How to Memorize Fast (10 Memorization Techniques)

Many people have the most common problem that whatever they learn they forget quickly. Not everybody is blessed with a good memory. There are few people with exceptional memory that they can...
improve spoken English

How to Improve Spoken English Secretly & Confidently

Nowadays, practically everyone needs to be fluent in spoken English to succeed in career, business and life. Rightly so, for English is the fourth most widely spoken language of the world. Your...
second hand books online

Top 11 Places to Find Second Hand Books Online

Despite the rising popularity of e-books and digital publications, traditional printed books are still not exactly cheap. Buying affordable, second hand books online is therefore a great way for regular readers to...
fun activities for kids

25 Fun Educational Activities for Kids to Sharpen their Brains

Easy availability of smart-phones, Internet and TV is turning children into the proverbial couch potato nowadays. Instead of spending time on activities that can help their studies and career, they indulge...
law of attraction

What is Law of Attraction and How to Use it Effectively at Every Stage...

A lot of us may have heard this famous quote by a noted Brazilian writer, Paulo Coelho. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Why...
cost of education

How Much is the Cost of Education in India?

Do you want your child’s admission in kinder garden? Or You have a child waiting to go Primary or Secondary school? Or He/she is young enough to join a bachelor degree...
break bad habits

How to Break Bad Habits? 5 Easy-to-follow Tips

Wikipedia describes a bad habit as ‘a negative behaviour pattern'. It includes common examples like phone addiction, sleeping habit, nail biting, procrastination, overspending time watching television or on the internet, gossips,...

15 Surest Ways to Live Unhappy Life

Everyone wants to be happy. Perhaps, this is the sole purpose of our fragile life on Earth. Whatever we do, our every action is aimed at becoming happier and more content...
Types of Communication

12 Different Types of Communication & Ways to Improve

What is communication? Communication is a basic feature of life. It allows us to convey thoughts, opinions, emotions and vital information in different forms. Everything around us- living and non-living communicates with...
educational games for kids

13 Best Educational Games Sites for Kids for their Academic Development

Kids are always a source of great joy to each one of us. But as parents, it’s also our responsibility to prepare them for life’s challenges by pushing the boundaries of their...
how to prepare for GRE

How to Prepare for GRE Exam: Complete Guide

Every student aspiring for higher education at topmost colleges and universities abroad and in India require a good GRE score. Unfortunately, most students remain in dark about the two different types...

Future of Online Education in India

The advanced technology is playing an important role in every field. This advanced technology has also changed the way of education. Online Education is better than the traditional classroom teaching. The...