brain exercises

15 Brain Exercise to Make Brain Sharp and Improve Memory

Did you know that our brain weighs around three pounds and contains over 100 million neurons that carry information to and from nearly 100 trillion cells in our body connected to...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Education

As we know, world is getting small and we are living in a global village. A person sitting in one corner of the world can talk to a person sitting on...
make studies interesting

5 Ways to Make Studies More Fun & Interesting

There are two types of students in the world. On one side, we have those who are interested in doing studies and on the other side, those who are not. The second...
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): How to Test, Improve & Benefit

Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) began as dark horse. However, it is fast emerging as a prime factor that can rule your entire life- personal, professional, social and financial. In...
crack upsc exam

How to Crack UPSC Exams to Become an IAS Officer

Every year lakhs of candidates appear for the Indian Civil Service examinations, often rated as the toughest competitive exams in the country, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Of the...
co curricular activities

What are Co-curricular Activities at Schools – Importance with 25 Examples

If you are a student of parent of school going kids, you will be aware of co-curricular activities at schools. In simple words, co-curricular activities are learning programs that support the...
free blog sites

14 Best Free Blogging Sites to Create Your Blog in 2019

Blogging is basically the art of maintaining a blog which includes texts, images, videos, graphics, etc. Blogging can be said as to maintaining an online journal and regularly updating your activities....

Inclusive Education in North East India

With the adoption of the Salamanca Statement in 1994 (UNESCO) a large number of developing countries have reformulated their policies to promote the inclusion of Child with Special Needs (CWSN) into...
how to memorize

How to Memorize Fast (10 Memorization Techniques)

Many people have the most common problem that whatever they learn they forget quickly. Not everybody is blessed with a good memory. There are few people with exceptional memory that they can...
improve spoken English

How to Improve Spoken English Secretly & Confidently

Nowadays, practically everyone needs to be fluent in spoken English to succeed in career, business and life. Rightly so, for English is the fourth most widely spoken language of the world. Your...
second hand books online

Top 11 Places to Find Second Hand Books Online

Despite the rising popularity of e-books and digital publications, traditional printed books are still not exactly cheap. Buying affordable, second hand books online is therefore a great way for regular readers to...
fun activities for kids

25 Fun Educational Activities for Kids to Sharpen their Brains

Easy availability of smart-phones, Internet and TV is turning children into the proverbial couch potato nowadays. Instead of spending time on activities that can help their studies and career, they indulge...