business analyst

Become Business Analyst: Courses, Jobs, Salary, Certification

Over the last couple of years, India’s corporate culture is evolving at a pace unprecedented in history. India is attracting enormous Foreign Direct Investment since 2015. Further, hundreds of foreign companies are...

Actuary- A Global Profession

What makes an Insurance company different from other companies? Insurers offer contracts to undertake financial risk of an individual, a group, an asset or an event whereas other companies offer goods...

A Guide for Becoming a Certified Chartered Accountant & CA Courses

In my family there are many chartered accountants, even I tried to become one but couldn’t succeed. Few years back I was preparing for Chartered Accountant, I gave my best shot then...

Top 20 Media and Mass Communication Colleges in India

Today technology is changing very rapidly especially when it comes to information technology. Today mass media has become an important part of our lives. You can see new channels are mushrooming on...
Fire and safety

Complete Guide to Fire and Safety Courses in India

India has the unfortunate yet dubious distinction of being one of the countries where fire claims thousands of lives every year. Often, these fires are preventable. Reports by the National Crime Records...

What Can You Do With A Nursing Degree

Apart from perhaps the most obvious choice - becoming a hospital nurse - gaining a nursing degree can open up all sorts of employment opportunities for graduates. Getting a degree in nursing...