Books to Read

Top 25 Best Fiction and Romantic Books to Read Ever

People around the world read for different reasons. Some read best books to enrich their knowledge, others to gain insights into topics beyond their human comprehension. Still, others read a lot to...
top universities in the world

Top 10 Universities in the World in 2019

Getting a chance to study at a prestigious top universities in the world abroad is a dream come true for many Indian students. However, once you have made a decision to study...
distance education

A Beginners Guide to Distance Education in India

Distance education or distance learning is the medium of gaining an education without having to attend regular classroom lectures. In existence globally since the mid-1800s, when students submitted tests and assignments via...

Higher education in India: Issues and Challenges

If India has to become an economic power then it has to focus on education. Government has to focus on both form of education higher and primary. In this article we are focusing...
Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment in India: An In-depth Article

August 22, 2017 will remain a landmark for women empowerment in India. On this day, the Supreme Court of India ruled ‘triple talaq’- an archaic system that enabled Muslim husbands to...
save water

10 Simple Ways to Save Water in Daily Life

Most households in India receive 20,000 litres of free water every month. On average, an Indian household consisting of four persons including two children consumes between 600 and 800 litres of...