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12 Latest Online Jobs from Home – No Investment to Earn Money

It’s almost 10 years, I am doing online jobs from home without any investment and made a fortune by working online.

I have started this blog 5 years back to provide the guidelines to the common people like me on using online jobs to make money from home.

And I am happy that more than 700,000 people joined SureJob till date and earning $500 to $10,000 (Rs 20,000 to Rs 5 Lacs) using SureJob Online Jobs Training.

So if you are searching for Online Jobs then there is no better place then SureJob because of these 4 important reasons-

  1. We provide not 1 or 2 but more than 10 online jobs.
  2. We provide only best genuine and tested jobs to make money online.
  3. And all the online jobs are Free & without Investment.
  4. No Qualification, Experience or Technical Knowledge required for any online job.

12 Best Online Jobs from Home

online jobs

Please spend time to understand each & every online jobs given below so that it will be easy for you to start & make money.

  1. Get Paid to Read Ads
  2. Online Survey Jobs
  3. Google Online Jobs
  4. Online Captcha Solving Jobs
  5. Blogging & Affiliate
  6. Freelancing Jobs
  7. Data Entry Jobs
  8. Online Writing Job
  9. Amazon Online Jobs
  10. Online Micro Jobs
  11. Online Tutor Jobs
  12. Facebook Online Jobs
  13. FREE Signup for Our Online Jobs Training Pack

So lets start making some cool money from online jobs…

1. Easy Online Jobs (Get Paid to & Read Ads)

This is one of my favorite online jobs and easiest way to earn money online.

Advertisement is one of the biggest business in the world. Companies spend thousands to millions of dollars in advertising as per their budget.

And their prime goal is to reach their words to people like you & me.

online jobs from home

And they are even ready to pay you for watching these ads. Check the video below to see my live income proof.

There are number of websites where you can signup for getting paid for reading ads.

After signup, you can login to these sites on regular basis & click on the ad links given in your account dashboard.

So its great online job for people who can spend 10-20 minutes daily on their PC. More ads you will check, more money you will earn.

You can see one of the live video proof of our earnings from this online work-

This is an old video. At present I am earning $1000 per month from just 2 sites provided in the link below.

Check here for the List of 5 Most Trusted PTC Sites

2. Online Survey Jobs

Online surveys are another best way to earn money on internet. In online surveys, different companies ask for your opinion for their product or services, so that they can increase their sales.

Here you can signup with different companies who provide this online job. Once you join with online survey companies, they will send you the surveys in your email.

You can complete them & get paid.

online survey jobs

The major problem here is, there are few handful of companies who are genuine, provide surveys & pay for them.

If you search online, you will find hundreds of online survey sites but only a few are genuine sites.

Once you signup for SureJob online jobs training, you will get free access to all the sites & instructions to work on these sites.If you are from USA, UK, Canada or other English speaking countries then you can check MoneyConnexion Online Jobs in USA that give access to legit sites to make more income.

3. Google Online Jobs

Google is one of the most trusted and respected company on internet. I have been making money from Google from the last 10 years and I have made my fortune with Google.

I will show you 3 online jobs from Google where you can make excellent income. First one is related to Google Ads, second is related to the YouTube and the last one is related with the smartphone.

There is no investment to be made anywhere and anyone can start working on these programs. Google pays you on monthly basis directly to your bank account.

Refer: How to Earn Money Online with Google

4. Captcha Solving Online Job

Captcha solving is one of the best online data entry jobs. You must be familiar of captcha. Whenever you create an account, you must have come across this type of image-

captcha solving job

There are many companies & individual who wants to create thousands of accounts daily on popular sites. They use software to create the accounts.

But these captcha image prevent them to create automatic accounts on these sites.

So you need to become a captcha solver and enter the character correctly into the software. There is a very huge demand for captcha entry worker.

You can solve 1000 captchas in 1 to 2 hrs depending on your speed.

You can earn $1 to $2 for every 1000 captcha you solve. If you work on 2-3 sites then you can earn minimum Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month.

There are dozens of sites which provide Captcha entry work but we have selected 10 most genuine sites which have good feedback from their workers & the sites has good payment history.

You can refer this Captcha entry work link to know more details about Captcha work & to signup with top 10 Captcha entry job providers.

Signup here for Captcha Entry Job & all other online jobs. All without Investment.

5. Blogging & Affiliate

Blogging is another best online work from home. You can create a free or paid blog (recommended) and make money from your blog.

There are 3 steps to start this-

  1. Create a blog (It’s simple)
  2. Publish quality content once in a week
  3. Promote your blog

Creating a blog & posting something on your blog is simple. There are number of ways to make money from your blog.

My favorite way is Google AdSense because you get paid every time a visitor on your blog clicks on any AdSense ad.

Blogging is my full-time online job and I make excellent income from this. You can see this Video for my AdSense earning.

Promoting affiliate products from your blog are another way to make some great income, sometime much better than Google AdSense.

We have created one of the best training material for blogging and AdSense. Many people are making great income using our SureJob Training.

And don’t worry, this package is absolutely FREE & you can get it after signup.

6. Freelancing Jobs

freelance online jobs

Freelancing means provide your services to your clients. Most of your clients are temporary. You can leave them as & when you want.

You can work on your own terms & still make lots of money.

Truly, freelancing job is one of the best work from home jobs to make big income. All you need in this business is some skills. It can be anything.

If you know something most demanding, you will make more money.

Skills like writing, online promotion, web design, coding, singing, advising, creating videos, photography, image editing & many.

There are various freelance websites where you can signup & get lots of freelance work online.

7. Data Entry Jobs

There are various types of data entry jobs available in India & globally. But there are hundreds of companies who cheat the people for providing fake data entry jobs.

data entry jobs

What they want is your registration amount & once you pay them by becoming a member, they will not respond you.

They will provide you with fake jobs with difficult terms & once you submit the work, you won’t get paid.

Remember 2 things-

  • Never pay any fee for any type of data entry or typing jobs.
  • Check the reputation of the company by searching in Google. Search in Google with keywords like “company name + complaints” or “company name + review” etc. You will really get the

You can find 6 best places to find genuine data entry jobs here.

8. Online Writing Job

If you have interest in writing then this online job is best for you. Online writing jobs are becoming popular because each and every website on internet demands regular content to update their website.

You can get paid $5 to $20 per article depending on the content length.

There are many websites where you can find online writing jobs and few of them are Fiverr, Elance, etc.

Even if you don’t have any idea of writing but want to earn money through this online job, then you can learn & start practicing and follow the blogs like CopyBlogger to become a good writer. Once you are good to write, you can join the above mentioned sites, get the writing jobs and start making money.

9. Amazon Online Jobs

amazon online jobs

Amazon is one of the most respected shopping portal. Along with shopping, you can also make great income with Amazon.

Most of the online jobs are very simple and anyone with basic knowledge of internet and English can do this. You can even make thousands of dollars monthly with some of the options.

You can see the complete list and decide which online job is suitable for you.

Refer: 7 Best Amazon Online Jobs Work from Home

10. Online Micro Jobs

Micro jobs simply means small jobs (or tasks) which takes few seconds or few minutes to complete. There are dozens of sites like Amazon Turk, MicroWorkers which provide online micro jobs.

You can earn 5 cents to $1 for completing each task (depending on the time duration of the tasks).

There are hundreds of small tasks like sharing a page, giving review or rating for a product or page, writing a short article, searching something from Google, creating a testimonial or many other simple & easy tasks.

If you work 1-2 hours a day then you can earn $500 to $1000 if you live in USA, UK, Canada etc. & Rs 6,000 to Rs15,000 if you are from India or other country. Signup here for Micro Jobs & all other jobs. Absolutely FREE.

11. Online Tutor Jobs

If you love teaching and looking for something that can be done from home, then online tutor jobs are best for you.

Online tutor jobs are increasingly in demand and you can make great money teaching online to students in India, USA, UK and all over the world.

There are many websites where you can join as a tutor and earn $20 or more per hour.

We will show you the best websites that can give you online tutor jobs and tips to make more money in less time.

12. Facebook Online Jobs

earn money from facebook

Billions of people use Facebook for sharing pictures and chatting with friends but there are millions of people who are making money from Facebook.

There are many ways that you can use on Facebook and earn good income.

You can earn money through your profile or by creating a page. You can even get paid for likes. Another options where can use are Facebook Business, FB Marketplace, FB groups etc.

Refer: 10 Ways to Earn from Facebook

So you can see, there are numerous ways of earning money from online jobs sitting at home. All you have to do is review them thoroughly & then focus on one or more that fits in your interest.

Signup for Online Jobs Training Package

Now, the most important thing is how to start these online earning jobs and how to earn money online?

There is no need to worry!

We have created one of the best training program to start this online work.

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