Top 50 Famous, Richest & Most Subscribed YouTubers in India (2022)

Ajey Nagar is popularly known as CarryMinati. He is best at roasting people. In 2020 he started an online war between the TikTok community and the YouTubers. His roast became so popular at the same time so controversial that YouTube had to delete it.

Sandeep Maheshwari is a legendary public speaker. He has given hope to millions of people and pushed them to work for their goals. He is very observant and can engage you in his stories for hours.

When it comes to Indian Comedy, the first name that pops into our brain is Bhuvan Bam. “B.B. ki vines” uploads short comedy sketches regularly for its millions of audience. He shares the everyday life story of B.B., and all the characters are played by Bhuvan himself.

Ashish Chanchlani can make you laugh till your stomach hurts. One of the most loved Indian YouTubers, he is known for his unique acting skills and dialogue delivery. He chooses everyday life topics and makes hilarious videos with those.

Dhruv Rathee has gained a considerable amount of fame with his educational videos. His content is based on very good research and he constantly strives to improve his content. He gives a detailed study on various topics related to environment, personal finance, economics and society.

Ujjwal Chaurasia is one of the biggest gaming YouTubers in India. His channel “Techno Gamerz” has made him popular at a very early age. He uploads videos and news related to android games. His unique and engaging storytelling makes him stand out amongst other gamers online.

Dr. Vivek Bindra is an international motivational speaker, leadership consultant and inspirational business coach. He has 7 Guinness world records to his name for conducting the largest webinars.

This 22 year old vlogger has won the hearts of his viewers by portraying and recording his real life on the camera. He makes fun videos with his family and friends. His younger brother Piyush adds the fun element to his Vlogs.