8 Ways to Impress Your Boss from Day 1

There are 8 ways you can impress your boss from day one. If you know how to impress your boss then you can have a great future.

All your success depends upon how you work with your boss and other team members in the office.

Not everyone knows how to impress your boss therefore I wrote this article giving you 8 tips to impress your boss.

Here are they

How to impress your boss

1.   Find Out Everything About the Company and People

First you have to do thorough research. You have to find out everything about the company you are working in. It is founder, employees, products, revenue, offices etc.

Find out every possible information about the company. You also need to know the people you will be working with. If you know all the information and share with your boss on the first day then he or she will be really impressed.

2.   Attire You Are Wearing

The dress that you are wearing on day one is very important. I recommend you to go with formal wear. Whether you are a man or a woman formal wear is the best thing.

Always avoid wearing casual attire because your boss may not take you a serious person. Hence choose your clothes seriously.

3.   Arrive 10 Minutes Earlier

If you are new to the job then I expect you to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early than your boss.

Your boss will be really impressed if you arrive and sort things out and present him or her on the table.

You boss will not only appreciate your work but he will become dependent on you.

4.   Introducing Yourself

Although I should have mentioned this as a starting point but nevertheless I am mentioning here.

If this is your first day of the job then you should be making right impression. Your attire, the way you talk and knowledge about the company is very important.

If all goes well then you will make a lasting impression on your boss.

5.   Listening Skills and Engaging in a Conversation

You should have great listening skills. If you are listening to what your boss is saying and come up with innovating solutions then it is really good.

You have to engage your boss in a conversation that is fruitful. Explain your boss everything about the company and make things easy for him.

This is the way you will impress your boss every day.

6.   Have a Strong Opinion on Issues

There is nothing wrong having a strong opinion. If you feel something strong about a point then you should express to your boss.

You should not shy away expressing your opinion if it is good for the company and your boss.

Only thing you need to care about is that the opinion must be related to your job and it should not be like any politically charge opinion like Israel vs Palestine.

People with strong opinions always succeed, only thing you need to know is how to put it.

7.   Show them What You are Good at

You always have to show your strong point, something you are good at. You need to have great problem solving and analytical mind.

Sometimes your boss will run out of ideas to solve a particular problem on the table, it is up to you to come up with solutions in no time and present to your boss.

Hence innovation and problem solving techniques are very important for impressing your boss.

8.   Come Prepared

The last tip I have mentioned in the article is you need to come prepared every day. Once your work day is over and you are off to back home, you need to prepare for the next day.

Research, reading, watching videos is the best way to keep updating with changing world. Hence prepare yourself for the next day in office and you will impress your boss every day.

So these were 8 tips that can help you impress your boss from day one to the end of the month till you get your first pay check with huge bonus.

There could be some other points that I missed but these 8 tips are more than enough.


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