how to prepare UPSC exam

How to Prepare For UPSC in 2021

UPSC civil service examination is one of the most prestigious and the toughest examination in the country. Each year, around 11 lac people do preparation for UPSC and register for the...
What to Write in an Email When Sending a Resume

What to Write in an Email When Sending a Resume?

While applying to your dream job, sending only a resume won’t always work. You have to complement it with a cover letter to maximize your chances of getting considered for the...
chartered accountant salary

How Much is Chartered Accountant Salary in India

What to do after the 12th is the most daunting question a person could ever come across. It totally decides the future of a person and changes life forever. Apart from...
Follow Your Passion

5 Jobs Where You can Follow Your Passion

Doing a job is a necessity in order to make money and live a wholesome life. There are millions of jobs and different people are doing them to fulfill their needs...
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Digital Marketing Executive Resume for Fresher: Examples & Writing Tips

Digital marketing jobs are flooding the job market with millions of opportunities for digital marketing executives and interns. There is no doubt about the increasing job opportunities in the field of...
Most Interesting Jobs

10 Most Interesting Jobs in 2021

Change is the only constant. The same thing is applicable to jobs, especially in the coming years. Over centuries, millions of job opportunities have come into existence and millions of jobs...
How to Introduce Yourself

How to Introduce Yourself Professionally in an Interview (in English)

Facing an interview is a challenge for most people, especially for freshers. Even a low paying job has two or more interview processes; now you can imagine the complexity of high-paying...
Career change at 40

Career Change at 40 with No Idea and No Qualification

There is no specific age to realize your dreams. People say this a lot, but in reality, things are quite difficult. At present, it is quite easy to make a career...
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Career Planning: 10 Most Effective Tips

There comes a time in every person’s life when they have to decide which road to leave and which road to pursue. Choosing a career is one of the most daunting,...
Government Jobs for Engineers

19 Best Government Jobs for Engineers in 2021

Engineering is one of the most popular professions in India along with the Medical field. Every other student can be seen pursuing an engineering degree after schooling. Why is engineering so...
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10 Best Tips on How to Improve English Speaking for Interview

Finding a job becomes an easy process once you know how to crack the interview. This is the part where most people screw up. Why is the interview important? It is...
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25 Best Job Search Websites in India in 2021

A dream job gives wings to your hopes and helps you live a life that you have always wanted. But, finding your dream job can be a cumbersome process. Especially when...