How to Write an Application Letter For A Job?

Are you looking for how to write an application letter for a job? Read the article and understand how to write an amazing application letter, ensuring your requests always stand out and leave an impact.

We are all expected to write an application letter at some point in our lives. When you were in school you had to write an application letter asking for sick leave, when you were in college you had to write for full fee concession and when you graduated you had to write a job application letter routinely. 

From getting bank statements to school TC (transfer certificate) for your children you will be asked to write an application letter in your day-to-day lives. 

How to write an application letter for a job

Unfortunately, I have seen many times people asking others to write their application letters. 

It is better to learn how to write a professional application letter on your own instead of asking others to write.     

In the following article, you will learn how to write a simple application letter while applying for a job or asking for a leave. 

Let us get started … 

What is an Application Letter? 

An application is a standalone document that you submit to a potential employer or an organization like a school, college, bank, government office etc. 

In any application that you write, you are requesting your employer or a manager to oblige to your request. It is a very formal document written in grammatically correct English and in a professional format.  

If the concerned person finds your application letter compelling and persuading then he or she may oblige to your request otherwise quickly reject it.  

A good application letter must spark the reader’s interest the moment he/she reads the first two sentences. The letter must be concise and to the point without taking the reader’s extra time.  

Different Types of Applications

Generally, there are three different types of application letters. 

Simple Job Application Letter

The most common application letter is a job application letter. When you apply for a job, you can include an application letter also known as a cover letter.

This cover letter boasts your achievements and skills justifying your competency. Although a cover letter is not necessary you can always write it. 

Academic Application Letter

Academic Application letters are 

  • Application letter Seeking Permission 
  • Application for Promotion 
  • College Fee Reimbursement or Scholarship application letter 
  • Application for granting leave in advance for Travel etc. 
  • Application for a testimonial  

Personal Application Letter 

Some examples are 

  • Child’s Admission or Long Leave Application Letter
  • TC or Transfer Certificate letter for School, College Transfer 
  • Bank Loan or Bank Statement Application Letter
  • Rental Application Letter 
  • Internship Application Letter 
  • Travel or Sick Application Letter 

How to Write a Professional Application? 

A step-by-step guide to writing a professional job application letter. 

Because a cover letter is the most common application letter I am using this example here.  

Step 1: Research the Company

Research the Company

Do thorough Research about the Company you are applying. Find out the products and services they offer, their clients, work culture, top managers, accomplishments etc.

You need to understand their business model, how it works and how you can help the company grow in your individual capacity. Muster all the necessary information before you apply. 

Step 2: Use a Professional Format

Always use an industry-standard professional application format. In the letter include your name, contact details, date and company information. Start the cover letter with a formal greeting to the HR manager by taking his/her name. 

The alignment of the letter must include single spacing, one-inch margins and left alignment. The best font is Calibri size 11. Keep the body one page long.   

More on the format in the next paragraph! 

Step 3: Write a Powerful First Paragraph 

Your first paragraph must be able to grab the attention of the reader instantly. 

Tell them how you can become an important asset for the company. Explain how your ambition fits very well with the Company’s objective.  Be conversational in your writing. 

The hiring manager has to read dozens of letters each day. You have to ensure that your letter stands out from the rest. 

Step 4: Explain Your Value to the Company 

Go through all your USPs and skills. Highlight your achievements and prior work experience in the given field. Tell them how you can help the company to meet their objectives. Explain by giving real examples. 

Step 5: Showcase your Strengths 

In the next paragraph, demonstrate two to three important skills that are required for the job. Demonstrate how you can think out of the box and innovate quickly every single time a new problem arises.  

Step 6: Be innovative 

Always write something that you have not written in your CV. If you want to stand out from the rest of the candidates then tell a personal story, how you helped the previous company you worked for. A story will connect with your reader by demonstrating how you are more than a piece of paper. 

Step 7: Mention the HR 

Don’t forget to thank your hiring manager by taking his or her name. You can write “I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.” 

Step 8: Perfect Closing Sentence 

perfect closing sentence

Ending the application on the right note is very critical. Thank him/her for taking the time to read your application and attach your resume and other necessary document. Mention you are looking forward to the next stages of the hiring process. 

General Application Format – A Template 

Here is the most common and professional application format that you can use for writing a cover letter. 

  • The first part is: Contact Information
  • Second is: Salutation
  • Third is: Opening Paragraph
  • Fourth is: Body Paragraph
  • Fifth is: Closing Paragraph
  • Last is: Sign Off 

Tips for Writing a Good Application 

  • Use a Professional Up to Date Format 
  • Always Create a Heading 
  • Make the letter personal by addressing the Hiring Manager with His/her name 
  • Write an engaging first paragraph
  • Showcase your qualifications, skills, experience etc 
  • Keep it short, Just One Page Long 
  • Make sure you proofread the letter before submitting it. 

I hope after reading this article you will be able to write a professional application letter on your own without anybody’s help. 

You can choose a format depending on your needs. I would suggest you check out other application formats also. 

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel again just use the best available template.  

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