How to Write a Cover Letter

If you are looking for a job then you must know how to write a great cover letter. However sometime writing a good cover letter could be a difficult task.

But if you learn how to write a cover letter then you could get a job because it stands out from the rest.

You can send your resume with your cover letter and get a job if it is well written. Hence in this particular article we look at some of the tips for writing a perfect cover letter.

So first you need to know what a cover letter is.

A cover letter has your resume that you send out. Your cover letter could make or break things, like getting a call for an interview or having ignored your letter.

A cover letter must reflect what is written in your resume and duplicate it. Cover creates the first impression on your potential employer.

Hence, a good cover letter is must.

Generally, there are three different kinds of cover letter.

First one is Application letter. Here you respond to a job opening that is known to you. You know everything about the job and you are writing the cover letter according to it.

Second one is Prospecting letter. Here you do not know about the job you are applying because you are writing the cover letter to inquire about the particular position or a job post. Here, cover letter is different from the Application letter.

Third is Networking letter. Here you do not know anything about the job. You request about the information and ask for assistance for searching a job.

Therefore all these 3 types of cover letter differ from one another. You need to know how to write each of them.

Here are few general tips for writing a good cover letter. You need to write the cover letter step by step as I mentioned below.

Step 1: Choose a Type of Cover Letter You Want to Write

As I mentioned above there are three different kinds of cover letter. You have to choose one of them according to your need.

I must suggest you that you must design the letter according to the type of cover letter you want to write. Work on the type job description you are applying.

Step 2: Formatting of the Cover Letter

Once you have chosen now you have to write in a correct format which is accepted by the industry.

Here you have to place content in right area of the letter, presentation is very important whether the letter is hard copy or you are sending through an email.

Step 3: Get Ideas from Other Well Written Cover Letters

You do not have to reinvent the wheel. You can go to internet and check different types of cover letters available there.

You can read different types of cover letter and learn how others are creating it. If you like a format or template then you use it for designing your cover letter.

Step 4: Cover Letter Template

IF you are getting nowhere then you could start with at least a template of a cover letter.

Templates could help you in creating cover letter that are personal and reflects your resume. Hence, predefined templates are the best to begin with.

Step 5: Include Write Words in the Letter

You need to include right kind of keywords that are related to your job description. If your description is written well then there is greater chance that your cover letter is selected for the interview.

It will help standing out from the rest.

Step 6: Write Custom Cover Letter if Not a Template

Writing a custom letter could be difficult because it is very time consuming. It takes a lot of time and hard to write a cover letter of different types.

However, if you are able to write a custom cover letter then it might stand out from the rest.

Step 7: Writing Personalized Cover Letter

Creating personalized cover letter means you should know about the manager or HR that is hiring you.

While creating the cover letter you can use his or her name so that it gets a personal touch. It will really improve your chances of getting selected.

Step 8: Online Cover Letter Over Offline

You can send your cover letter via email rather using a hard copy. You have to follow the instructions given by the employers.

Attach your resume to the cover letter and send it to your employer. You can use MS word or Adobe Files.

Step 9: Address on Your Cover Letter

You have to know the address for mailing your cover letter. Sometimes you don’t know the address and you have to find out.

Step 10: Send Your Resume with the Cover Letter

Finally, you have to send your resume with the cover letter. You need to send both of them as an attachment via email.

You must include all the important information in your cover letter. You will definitely get a call for the interview.

So these were steps that you need to follow while creating a cover letter. If you do follow them then your resume may get noticed among others.

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