Entry Level Job Options for Recent Graduates

The working world is changing everyday and there are that many chances for young high school graduates that weren't there are not many years before.

While a university degree will assure you extra cash and advancement ultimately there are some roles you can join from the bottom up and work in while you go to college, if you decide to attend college.

Here are careers that are hot and the future continues to look warmer.

Retail Work

Retail work is all around and in each city. It's a good industry to become involved in and comparatively simple to break into and work your way up from the bottom up. Entry Level Jobs

There are entry-level positions of stocker, assistant and customer service which will make you uniquely qualified for advancement. Knowing as many sides of the retail business will help with your career expansion. This is the advantage of starting from the bottom up.


Banking is another field that's fantastic to break into early. Maybe start as the receptionist or teller and learn the business from the interior out.

This is a field that's going to stay in the work force for some considerable time to come as folk are always likely to need access to money.

Beginning as a teller and learning the operations of the bank will permit you to be ready to promote and transfer into other positions and will also help you to ascertain if a qualification in a finance related field is correct for you.

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Sales is another good field for a school grad to get involved in. In our economy most are selling or purchasing something. A start in sales prepares you for careers in the retail world as well as in promoting.

Since you know firsthand ways to make things sell your experience will make you a valuable contributor in these extra areas of the working world.


There are lots of different avenues to chase in the area of medicine. One good place to start is to get a local medical supplier and start to work at the office. Learn the business of medical care.

Find out how the coding, billing, accounting, collections, insurance, transcription, and medical records are kept.

This will enable you to work in other medical care facilities, insurance firms, and springboard you to such careers as employees' comp insurance adjuster or to become a Authorized Medical Coder and process doctor's bills for insurance corporations, code bills for suppliers or maybe work from home even as an independent contractor for doctors.

With all of the changes coming to the medical care system it is a field that will be growing and changing and in steady need for qualified employees.

Client Service

This is a broad career that may happen in numerous different environments. Buyer service though is the same without regard for the environment. A job in client service involves talking with clients who might or might not be content about a situation and try and resolve it to the very best end result.

This job could be talking with patrons over the telephone or working eyeball to eyeball with them. The talents that you learn in this career are going to take you far. Most careers and roles desire buyer service experience.

Whether you go to college or not there are a good deal of exciting roles open to you. These careers can be worked while you go to college or help you in deciding what to study at college. In any case they are exciting and fun places to start your working career.

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