15 Best Bulk SMS Service Providers in India

Bulk SMS service is ideal for reaching a large number of customers. All of the top Bulk SMS gateway providers are listed here. Text Local is largest and most popular bulk SMS service provider in India.
Best Bulk SMS Service Providers

India currently has an estimated 761 million smartphone users; by 2023, that number is expected to increase to 966 million. One of the most affordable methods of contacting your consumers is still SMS.

In India, there are thousands of bulk SMS services provider, and their numbers have only increased in recent years. How then can you choose among the top SMS providers in India the one with whom you wish to work?

Best Bulk SMS Service Providers

When we decided to combine this list, we intended to include SMS providers who get the back of both large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses. Many Indian companies that began as bulk SMS service providers have evolved into complete Pass platforms.

For instance, Kalyera, created through the union of Solution Infini and Ubiquity, an Italian supplier of messaging services, has risen to the top of the list of Pass providers globally. We feel that this list, which is not comprehensive, should be used as a jumping-off point when choosing an Indian bulk SMS service.

Businesses are working hard to retain clients and generate the highest possible profit in this era of the mobile revolution. Using the services of bulk SMS providers then turns out to be profitable. With an increase in 98 per cent open rate, SMS marketing outperforms email marketing.

SMS marketing is, therefore, potent and effective. However, online retailers frequently struggle to decide which bulk SMS service provider to work with in order to reap the greatest rewards.

Why Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS services help to increase loyalty with the organization and product. It also helps in increasing sales and automatically helps in increasing the retention of the customer. The greatest advantage of using Bulk SMS service is that it helps reduce costs.

Through this, it will help customers in storing, tracking and analyzing the messages sent. The service takes less than seconds of time to deliver, due to which you can view the result immediately. It is the simplest service to use and easy to reach.

Moreover, the service uses modern technology, which it is making its space easily in the global market. It is most efficient to use as there is no requirement to write an individual message, but you can target groups of people with scheduled messages.

Bulk SMS Service Providers Are Achieving Top Heights 

Bulk SMS messaging is now a part of application-to-person SMS messaging services, which also convey single messages (like one-time passwords and delivery alerts), interactive messages (like group message services), and receiving number services such as mobile marketing campaigns, voting, and information lines.

The ability of businesses and organizations to use one or more solutions to send and receive SMS messages—including a mobile phone application, software, a web interface, or the integration of an SMS API with their website or system—is a defining feature of bulk SMS messaging.

To ensure message delivery to mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world, these bulk SMS messaging systems connect to a service provider's SMS gateway and being the part of the global market.

These SMS gateways enable the distribution of SMS traffic to a recipient's mobile phone number via a direct link to the SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) of a mobile network operator.

SMS marketing services have now expanded their reach in this cutthroat commercial era and have begun to provide effective solutions for OTP SMS service, Transactional Bulk SMS, and Promotional Bulk SMS.

In the market for messaging solutions, the most dependable player are bulb services that provide a wide range of services like voice call service, opt-in SMS, short code service, a two-way messaging solution with long code, and toll-free service provider with specialized support Miss Call Alert service.

The gateways are high-speed working servers to communicate without any obstacles.

Best Bulk SMS Service Providers in India

1. Text Local

Text Local

Text Local is one of the biggest and most popular bulk SMS service providers. They prioritize client pleasure while working to increase sales.

Text local handles more intelligent message campaigns, an instant second OTP service, other quick notifications, and two-way conversations. Both big companies and small enterprises use Text Local's services.

While connecting them with customers, the program supports small businesses and increases their sales. Mobile touchpoints become a critical distinction in a world where buyers can follow so many various paths to purchase.

Text local SMS stands out as one of the most efficient client engagement channels thanks to its 97% open rates, distinctive media-rich texts, extensive analytics, and unparalleled simplicity of use.

Text local fully utilizes SMS, the ubiquitous software on every phone, to enhance your clients' online purchasing experience and increase conversions!

Text local streamlines, expedite, and personalizes your customer interactions with everything from order alerts, tracking updates, and renewal reminders to sophisticated marketing campaigns and unique feedback forms.

They provide top-notch features, an exceptional user experience, devoted customer assistance, a solid technological foundation, and good carrier partnerships.

2. Fast2SMS


Popular mass messaging service Fast2SMS sends DLT SMS quickly and offers messages for promotions, advertising, OTPs, and APIs. They also provide other services, such as the ability to schedule the delivery of your messages for a particular time or to send them again at predetermined intervals.

Planning and developing the website's style and layout was the first step in the process. The website's wireframe was developed in the following weeks, and we focused on the UI/UX design, which was a vital need that was recognized from the start.

The majority of the project's time was spent on the website's front end and back end, as well as its AI system.

Fast2SMS was prepared to relaunch its services and provide its clients with cutting-edge features in just eight months. We can gain a detailed understanding of the social networking app market and how SMS is sent by communicating with the telecommunication service providers with Fast2SMS.

Because of Fast2SMS' dedication to a transparent workspace, we were made aware of industry flaws like bogus delivery reports and can help in checking by providing real-time delivery data that could not deceive the consumers.

3. 2Factor


A trustworthy SMS gateway with pay-per-delivered OTP that is reportedly 2–6 seconds quick is 2Factor. The company offers various transactional, advertising, phone verification, and two-way SMS APIs. Sending a huge quantity of SMS at once is known as bulk SMS sending or bulk SMS messaging.

It is a reputable bulk SMS service provider that has a user-friendly interface and allows you to quickly write or schedule bulk SMS messages by implementing successful marketing campaigns, bulk SMS assists companies and businesses in connecting with their customers, sharing essential updates, and up-selling and cross-selling their goods.

Mobile marketing, promotions, and transactions all frequently use bulk messaging. In addition to charging per delivery, it protects user privacy and offers a unique routing algorithm to reroute unsuccessful communications through the backup operators.

Statistics show that compared to other marketing methods, bulk SMS campaigns offer much higher returns and more user engagement.

The truth is that SMS is still the least expensive way to advertise your business. Many businesses frequently search for inexpensive bulk messaging, free bulk SMS, or inexpensive bulk SMS service providers in India.

4. Text-Guru


Many companies, including Bharat Petroleum, Hero Motor-corp, and Punjab National Bank, rely on Text-Guru's services to handle their messages. Every 2 to 5 seconds, Text-Guru sends billions of SMS messages while utilizing 4X ultra-fast connectivity.

The business is a TRAI-approved bulk SMS aggregator and features a quick and user-friendly dashboard.

This is the main service that all the companies and more industries use for sending the bulk SMS and also helps in utilizing the time as it does not need to send SMS individually.

They can easily convey the SMS through bulk SMS. It is very rapidly growing in Mobile Messaging & Mobile Value Added Services sectors and promises to provide the best services to them.

5. Exotel


This leading bulk SMS service provider in India is Exotel. Enterprises, startups, and small and medium-sized businesses in India and Southeast Asia use the cloud telephony platform to communicate. Since it was founded in 2011, the company has assisted millions of businesses with SMS delivery.

You can send SMS messages to around 190 countries using the platform. Exotel's solution manages SMS distribution by well-known companies like RedBus, 1MG, Ola, and others.

Have you called a customer service number ever, waited for what seemed like a lifetime while listening to an IVR, and then disconnected the call out of frustration? And this is undoubtedly among the most upsetting things that could ever occur to a consumer.

These are the disadvantages as a result of the customer's irate state before speaking with you. You can help your clients in the following ways: Verify that all of your agents were turned on if you found that you frequently missed calls or that many calls dropped before an agent could respond.

Naturally, if some of your agents were turned off, they won't get any calls through Exotel.

6. Knowlarity


A cloud telephony platform with its main office in Singapore is called Knowlarity. More than 6000 enterprises in 65 nations rely on Knowlarity's services to run their businesses.

Customers of brands like SMC Global, Hyundai, MG Motor, and BharatPe can use the company's transactional and promotional SMS services.

Two hundred clients from Unicom Tech-labs in the SMB, e-commerce, real estate, healthcare, education, and media sectors were acquired by Knowlarity as a result of the agreement. Smart words, a platform for client involvement, was purchased by Knowlarity in 2016. 

The app is very helpful for students, people who invest their money in shares, and also doctors since this app has acquired the education, real estate, and medical health care and helps them grow and get information regarding these fields so easily. This app has been shifted to the smart world. 

7. Value First

Value First

Value First was founded in 2003 as a platform for business communications that links companies with their customers. Currently, the business powers 4 billion client interactions each month.

It is well-known cloud communication and customer interaction platform. Value First has been working diligently to address challenging communications issues in India since 2003.

Value First offers a strong portfolio of products in the communications space, from messaging to marketing technology to conversational AI. More than 2,500 clients in the area, including numerous well-known corporations like Google, Punjab National Bank, P&G, and Tata Motors, have entrusted them with their loyalty and business.

For Twilio and our international clients, India is a crucial market. In April last year, Twilio began digitally onboarding new staff at its new R&D facility in Bengaluru, India.

The region is showing a considerable increase which is significant increase in mobile communications, which offers Twilio various potential in SMS, chatbot functionality, and email.

8. InfoBip


Providing a wide range of communications channels, tools, and solutions for better customer interaction, authentication, and security, Infobip is a world leader in omnichannel interaction.

The organization has over 3,000 professionals and over 65 offices across six continents.

Infobip sends over 100 billion communications annually and directly connects to 650 international telecom partners, who relate to 65% of mobile devices worldwide.

A Croatian IT and telecoms company is called Infobip. With private cloud infrastructure, zero-hop connection, and a full-stack communications platform as a service (CPaaS), it runs.

A2P SMS messaging, A2P audio, A2P RCS, app alerts, email, chat app messaging, and carrier billing are among the services offered. It benefits mobile network operators, particularly banks, social networks, corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies.

Infobip is one of the biggest providers of A2P SMS services worldwide, according to the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

The business has expanded internationally since 2009 by establishing activities and offices in major global business centres. The company announced a €1.8 million investment in security, infrastructure, and data protection in November 2014.

9. Gupshup


A messaging services provider, Gupshup has its main offices in India, the US, and the UK. Leading BFSI, Retail, and e-commerce organizations can use the company's services for SMS, email, voice, USSD, and IP messaging and chatbot creation.

Today, Gupshup is one of India's leading companies for bulk SMS.

Gupshup uses AI, ML, and analytics to process inputs in human language, comprehend them and respond to them in a manner that is close to nature with the appropriate context and fluid flow.

To make it simple to create intelligent, interactive bots, It has provided verticalized and industry-specific templates with domain knowledge.

It has automated every aspect of customer service for its clients using a fully-fledged bot deployment. Customer experience has significantly improved, there are now more leads being created, and marketing and sales departments across all industries are operating more efficiently.

Every day, Gupshup drives conversations over clients like Kotak Bank, ICICI Lombard, Bajaj Housing Finance Ltd, DBS, Khan Academy, TVS Credit, Lakme, and Zomato.

10. Route-Mobile


Route Mobile is a cloud communications platform as a service with its main office in Mumbai, India. Over 15 sites in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America are serviced by the organization.

Enterprises, OTT players, and mobile network operators can use Route-Mobile's service (MNO). 

An Indian cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) provider is Route Mobile, formerly known as Routesms Solutions Ltd. It was recognized as one of the fastest companies in the Technology and Telecom Sector.

One of the top Cloud Communications Platform service providers, Route Mobile, is publicly traded and provides Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions.

We offer solutions in messaging, phone, email, SMS filtering, analytics, and monetization, and we serve businesses, OTT players, and mobile network operators (MNO).

Infusing Conversational AI across a wide range of businesses, such as social media organizations, banks, financial institutions, e-commerce entities, and travel aggregators, we supply a full communication product stack based on C PaaS principles. Route Mobile has its global headquarters in Mumbai, India.

11. SMS Horizon

SMS Horizon

Advertise at a low cost or want to reach a large audience. SMS Horizon includes an Excel plugin utility, API integration, web interface, and other protocols like SMPP, HTTP, and XML support.

A bulk SMS service provider should be your best option if you want to sell your goods with the least amount of money and the broadest possible audience.

SMS has enormous potential as a marketing technique because it is one of this generation's most popular forms of communication. 

Despite how entertaining TV advertising may seem, people are trained to skip them. Prospective customers are more likely to receive accurate information from a brief text message outlining the critical aspects of a good or service.

The most reliable way to simultaneously reach many individuals worldwide with your message is through bulk SMS services. Numerous clothing companies, music and movie retailers, eateries, etc., use bulk SMS as one of India's most well-liked marketing strategies.

12. Accept-SMS


The way Accept-SMS have completely changed bulk messaging platforms' function. The business focuses on offering businesses services using WhatsApp, the top private social messaging app.

They guarantee superior connectivity, high speed, and deliverability compared to their rivals.

SMS payments have more advantages than only helping you collect consumer payments that could otherwise be overlooked. Customers can pay with SMS payments by sending text messages.

SMS payments can speed up payments to businesses and lower the likelihood that customers would forget to make significant payments.

SMS payments are incredibly secure methods of conducting business. Small company owners interested in receiving SMS payments should read this post.

However, since few restaurants and stores use SMS as a primary component of their digital marketing strategy, they may lose out on consumer engagement and improved ROI.

Many restaurant and retail marketers speak that they are under the impression of mobile marketing lacks robust analysis to back up a return on investment, necessitates significant investment in apps, and does not permit individualized focused communication.

13. SMS Root

SMS Root

SMS Root is a well-known mass texting network that offers one of the lowest rates in a cutthroat market. With an intuitive and user-friendly UI, it provides round-the-clock SMS delivery.

Safety managers and top management both regularly monitor the effectiveness of aviation safety management systems (SMS).

Additionally, the accountable executive in each SMS is in charge of making efforts to improve subpar safety performance once it is discovered.

The most effective way for the responsible executive to frequently examine organizational safety performance is through safety performance monitoring dashboards. 

Using real-time data from the SMS database, dashboard charts enable management to assess SMS performance and make operational adjustments as necessary swift.

The risk management system for the SMS receives reports of safety issues and audit results. Aviation SMS databases give users repeatable processes and tools for monitoring and recording the risk management efforts of the safety teams. 

14. Kaleyra


The API-based platform called Kaleyra offers companies features like chatbots, programmable voice services, tailored messaging, and more. Fortune500 corporations, leading OTT, and more than 30 key banks worldwide rely on the company's services.

The powerful SMS APIs from Kaleyra guarantee a response time of 5 m/s or less and 99.99 per cent availability.

Kaley is a Global Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider with a US stock exchange listing that offers visual tools and APIs for communicating with clients across the globe using channels like SMS, MMS, RCS, WhatsApp for Business, Video, and Voice.

Kaleyra's services provide access to virtual numbers (toll-free, local and mobile), lookup services, and integration plugins. For Google's Verified SMS and Verified Calls services, Kaleyra acts as a partner.

15. SMS Gateway Hub

SMS Gateway Hub

SMS Gateway Hub is a quick, clever, and dependable messaging platform that offers high-volume bulk SMS text messaging for companies of all sizes. You can register for free and even act as a reseller for the business.

Since the invention of mobile technology, the number of people with mobile devices has steadily risen. You cannot expect to succeed in this cutthroat industry without utilizing technology advancements and marketing strategies.

Therefore, it is believed that sending bulk SMSs is the most practical and quick approach to quickly delivering information to many individuals. 

Large corporations and international firms frequently utilize SMS Gateway Hub to keep in regular, direct contact with their people wherever they may be required be in the world.

Businesses can send out a large volume of messages quickly and at a very low cost per message with the SMS Gateway Hub, making it the ideal marketing and advertising tool.

The SMS Gateway hub ensures incredibly dependable national and international service so that your consumers may be reached with a straightforward SMS whenever and wherever they choose.


The following should be considered when selecting your bulk SMS provider: ROI, customer service, SMS API access, the ability to grow, cost, data security, and minimal downtime.

As noted, this is not an entire list, so consider it as the starting point of your search. Nevertheless, we hope you found this list of the top 15 bulk SMS providers in India to be helpful.

Businesses may quickly contact a huge customer base thanks to bulk SMS services. Bulk messaging enables all types of businesses to carefully organize their communication, whether they are startups looking to connect with potential customers or established companies looking to go out internationally.

With the help of these services, you can reach your customers at a time and on a platform that works best for them with notifications, updates, and other critical information. So, use these services to make your work faster and easy as it makes communication easy and helps you not send a message individually.

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