How to Manage Your Time during Preparation for Examinations!

Time management is the key to success in any examination. If time is properly planned, you get more time for preparation and can avoid wastage of time.

Since you get more time, you can prepare more and probability of your success is also high. So, you will wonder how to manage the time and whether any formula is there for time management.

Don’t get stressed! Time management is not that difficult. If you plan your time properly, you can manage your time efficiently.

I could study for more than 14 hours a day during my examination time without any fatigue and also got very good percentage in all my examinations. Let me share the same time management plan to you.

1. Get up early – Make a habit to get up early. You should get up between 5.00 am to 6.00 am. It is proven that you mind is fresh in the morning and you can grasp the highest in the morning time. So, make it a habit to get up early to have a good start.

2. Start first stretch in the morning – If you get up early in the morning, start studying 3-4 hours in a stretch. Studying in a stretch will tune you to the topics and you can cover more.

Hence, I advice everybody to study in multiple stretches. Take a small break after this stretch.

3. Complete your morning routine in a small breakYou can complete your morning routine like bath, breakfast, reading newspaper etc. in this small break. Take a good healthy breakfast and include milk in your breakfast. This break can be for 1 hour.

4. Start your second stretch – After completing your activities, you can start your studies again and continue to study for further 3-4 hours. I would like to again reiterate that studying in stretches helps you to cover more topics.

5. Break for lunch – You can take a break for lunch and can also see some light TV programs to refresh your mind. Have a good lunch! Add salads and fruits along with Vegetables, Chapattis, Dal and Rice in the lunch. You can take this break for 1 hour.

6. Take a afternoon SnapSince you are studying from the morning, your brain gets tired and its efficiency also reduces. You can take small snap of 1 -1.5 Hours in the afternoon to re-energize your brain. You will find yourself fresh and charged-up after this afternoon snap.

7. Start your third stretch – After a snap, you can again start studying and continue studying for next 3-4 hours.

8. Take a small break – You can take a small break after third stretch. You can take little snacks and also play for some sometime. Add fruits to your snacks .You can also do some yoga as it is good for mind and body. You can also relax or meditate for sometime to further re-energise your mind. You can take a break for 1 hour here.

9. Start fourth stretchYou can start your studies again and continue for 2 hours in the fourth stretch. You may continue with the new topics or revise the morning work.

10. Break for DinnerAfter your fourth stretch, you can break for dinner and can also see some light TV programs. Take a light dinner.

11. Start your fifth stretch You can get back to your studies after dinner and continue for 2 hours in the fifth stretch. It is advised to revise your studies regularly. You can do it daily or on alternate days. Normally, fourth and fifth stretches can be kept for revision.

12. Take complete sleepYou can go to sleep at 11.00 pm. You may kindly note that complete sleep of 7-8 hours is necessary to study consistently for long period. If you take less sleep, you will not feel fresh and also your ability to grasp the things reduces. Further, it may have adverse effect on your health also. Hence, taking complete sleep is important.

You can see that you can comfortably study for 14-16 hours daily with all your activities. You can study for long time also along with other activities like playing, seeing TV and listening music etc. Studying in multiple stretches enables you to cover more and also give a break to mind to re-energise.

I am confident that with this simple time management plan, you will be able to manage your time properly. You can get more time for your studies and will be successful in any examination.

All the best and good luck!

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