These Online Jobs Secrets Can Triple Your Income

Everyone can start an online job, however the real success is in making money out of it.

If you are into online jobs then you have to know the tricks that can double or triple your income you are earning now.

I wrote this article to tell some of the secrets that can help you earning extra money.

So here are some of the secrets. Today, there are various kinds of online jobs hence I have divided into 3 main categories.

First one is blogging, then affiliate or internet marketing and last one is freelance jobs which include jobs like ghost writing, designing etc.

These 3 are most common online jobs available today.


Blogging is one of the best way to make money online in India and it has already become a most common way among bloggers today and everyone start their online career with it.

So here are few secrets about blogging that could triple your income.

Create Your Own Narrative

If you want to stand out from the rest of the bloggers then you need to pull traffic on to your blog. If you are doing the same thing what others are doing then no one would notice your blog.

Hence, you have to create your own story and I know it is very difficult but for tripling your income you have to do this.

If you have something new to offer then people would love to read your blog hence you generate more money. Therefore, spend more time on developing a narrative because it is the most difficult thing to do.

Inside of AdSense Ad Network

Now if you are a blogger then your main source of revenue would be ads showing on your website or blog.

And the best ad network available is Google Adsense. Hence, if you have to triple your income then you have to know insides of Google Adsense.

I attended a seminar about Google Adsense and there they told me many things about placing Google ads. You have to know the kinds of ads that are best to put on your blog.

A banner ad is good in what situation, or a large rectangular ad converts it better or not. What is the CTR of various ad placed in different position.

Similarly, how to increase the CPC, whether image ads gives more CPC or text ads.

You have to learn these things.

SEO Tricks

The next factor that could double or triple your income is SEO tricks. Do not get afraid by SEO tricks. SEO is no more in the domain of so called SEO experts.

If you are a simple blogger or a website owner then also you could start doing SEO. If you are able to rank your website high on any search engine like Google then your traffic could increase substantially.

SEO is very important because most of your traffic would come from organic searches. Hence, you cannot tend to ignore SEO tips and tricks.

Affiliate Marketing

After blogging affiliate marketing is most popular online job. Yes you could make more money with affiliate marketing than blogging. However, affiliate marketing is also bit difficult compared to blogging.

Choosing a Killer Product

If you want to sell more then you have to choose a killer product. Choosing a killer product is very difficult. If you go to a website like then there are over 15,000 products online.

Yes and you have to choose the best product out of them. How, you are going to do it. Well there are many tools like where you could analyze a product on various factors.

If you have a killer product then choose one and sell thousand copies of it.

Content & Marketing over SEO

Affiliate marketing is different than SEO here you have to focus more on content and marketing strategies rather than SEO.

SEO is more important for blogging however for affiliate marketing creating content and marketing is very important.

You have to create sales page that could persuade people rather just doing SEO.

Remodelling Over Your Competitors

The best way to triple your income is just remodel over your competitors. You do not have to reinvent the wheel because you can spy on your competitors and find out what they are doing.

You could follow many experienced affiliate marketers and find out what they are doing and just remodel after them instead of inventing new things.

It will surely double or triple your income.

Freelancing Jobs

The last category of online jobs are freelancing jobs and they could be of any type like writing content, creating web links, designing logos or website etc.

If you are not a blogger or an affiliate marketer then you could be doing some freelance jobs online.

Gain the Trust

The first problem that a freelance job seekers face is trust. If you are a beginner then no one is willing to give you a job.

So you have to gain trust before someone offers you a piece of work. You could charge fewer fees and finish work on time.

In freelancing jobs first thing is to establish your authority and then income would start coming.

Right Kind of Deal

If you are established then you have to sign for right kind of deal. You have to make best out of it. If you are a ghost writer then charge money according to quality of your work.

Always keep time in mind because you have to finish in due date. This would really help you to get more projects hence more income.

In the end I would suggest you to focus more on blogging. It is because blogging is easy and income is very real. You can really double if not triple your income in few months.

Affiliate marketing may take time and it is difficult to learn also but blogging is not. Hence, go with blogging first.

So these were few tips to triple your income for various kinds of online jobs.

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