7 Best Amazon Online Jobs Work From Home For Everyone

In this article, Find the list of the best Amazon online jobs work from home. If you are a student or housewives looking for online earning opportunities, these Amazon jobs from home are a must-check.
Best amazon online jobs work from home

Amazon is the world’s largest online store. According to various sources such as Europe-based statistics portal Statista and renowned news network CNN, the company had over half a million employees worldwide.

Additionally, Amazon is a major source of livelihood for millions of individuals who earn money performing various tasks with Amazon. Therefore, let us look at some of the avenues from where you can earn money through Amazon, regardless of your location.

Best amazon online jobs work from home

Best Amazon Work From Home Jobs

Amazon depends on freelancers, craftsmen, writers, bloggers, YouTubers and many other individuals to assist in its colossal business. Here are some excellent ways that you can utilize to earn from this online mega-store.

1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a process by which you promote specific products of Amazon through your Facebook page, website, blog or any other method. To earn money as an Amazon Affiliate, you need to register with the company.

Currently, Amazon offers an Affiliate program in 11 countries. Depending upon the audience of your website or blog, you can sign up as Amazon Affiliate for one or more countries. All you need to do is promote specific products sold by Amazon through your blog, FB page, email marketing or other methods.

Each time a visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase through your website, Amazon offers you commissions ranging from 4 to 12 per cent of the sale value.

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2. Amazon mTurk

Amazon mTurk

Amazon operates a program called Amazon Mechanical Turk. It allows companies to access manpower on demand to perform tasks that require human intelligence.

There are several tasks that require the human brain and its skills and cannot be accomplished by Artificial Intelligence or computers. Members enrolled with Amazon MTurk perform a variety of tasks for companies associated with Amazon.

These can include data entry to detect wrong or duplicate images and product information, uploading videos or other promotional material on social media and sharing platforms to weeding outdated posts.

Amazon MTurk members also help in audio data transcriptions and data analysis. “MTurk enables developers to create applications that were previously impossible,” says the company website.

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3. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Amazon offers excellent opportunities for writers, poets, commentators, industry experts, and other professionals to publish their works. Under the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing facility, you can write and publish a book online in less than five minutes.

Your book will go online for sale on Amazon’s global network within 24 to 48 hours, depending upon your location.

Some popular categories of books you can publish using Amazon KDP include comics, fiction, non-fiction, technical, education, literature, romance, science fiction, fantasy, teens and young adults.

The best part is you can fix the price of your book, too. Every book sold fetches you money that Amazon pays into your PayPal or bank account.

4. Sell on Amazon

Sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is ideal for artisans, retailers, students, housewives and other entrepreneurs to make money. All you need to do is register online as a seller on Amazon.

Artisans who make sculptures, portraits, paintings and handicrafts; retailers looking to expand the business, students who wish to make money online by selling books or hand-made products, housewives skilled in making dresses, food items, costume jewellery and other items, as well as entrepreneurs who buy rare items, antiques and curios, can sell online through Amazon.

You need to agree to the ‘Returns’ policy of Amazon and accept terms and conditions of its payment system.

5. Deliver With Amazon

Deliver With Amazon

In countries like India, e-commerce and online shopping are growing exponentially. This is due to the rampant proliferation of cheap-smart phones and high-speed Fourth Generation (4G) mobile networks.

According to various reports, over 60 per cent of all online shopping in India is done via smartphones. Amazon runs its own delivery system- Amazon Transportation Services.

Further, the e-commerce giant has agreements with small and large logistics and courier companies for deliveries in various locations. Amazon is constantly looking for agents who can deliver orders to areas where it does not serve.

If you have the basic infrastructure, sign up for Deliver With Amazon program. You get excellent commissions for the service.

6. Amazon Virtual Assistant

Businesses, small and large, who wish to sell on Amazon or expand their online retail through this e-commerce giant hire Amazon Virtual Assistants. This job is usually full-time and fetches a lucrative salary and perks.

However, you will not be directly working for Amazon. The job involves buying products from manufacturers and retailers, market research and data entry on your employer’s Amazon store account.

You will also have to keep tabs on how many products were sold and ensure that your employer has adequate stocks to meet future orders on time and in line with Amazon policies.

7. Amazon Data Entry

Amazon has a category called ‘Custom Products.’ These are very specialized products that are made to order for customers. These include high-end jewellery, statues, paintings and portraits, customized mugs, T-shirts and other apparel and myriad other products that usually bear the name of the buyer or someone to whom it is sent as a gift.

Retailers who sell custom products require people who are skilled in writing precise but excellent descriptions of the stuff and posting them with great pictures. This is basically a data entry job available part-time or full-time, depending upon your location and employer.

You can find several such jobs online.


These Amazon online jobs are work from home and are suitable for anyone living anywhere in the world. The advantage of working with or for Amazon is that you become part of the e-commerce giant. Amazon has an excellent reputation for paying people who work for it as well as those who sell their products or help in delivering orders.

For skilled persons, working for Amazon is also possible. Since the company’s business is expanding, it requires staff for various functions- from basic call centres and customer service to complex ones like data analysis, Internet security and e-commerce experts.

With Amazon projected to rule the retail e-commerce market, you, too, can make enough money with this reputed brand.

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