Annamalai University Distance Education Course Details

Annamalai University is one of the best distance learning universities in the country. Before I give you the course details about the university you need to know more about it.

Annamalai University is Asia’s largest public residential universities.

The university is located in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu and spreads across 1500 acres of land.

It offers courses in various fields like science, engineering, humanities, arts etc.

If you don’t want to go for other distance learning colleges like IGNOU or Manipal then Annamalai is best for you.

Annamalai University provides you more than 500 courses through distance learning across the country.

It is the number one distance learning college in the country on the basis of number of students enrolls each year.

The university has all types of programs, for graduates, post graduates, diploma, certificate etc.

annamalai university distance education

Here is the list of courses in great details.

Post Graduate Programs

  • M. A. Tamil
  • M. A. English
  • M. A. Sociology (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Economics (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Business Economics (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Environmental Economics (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Disaster Management (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Rural Management (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. History (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. History and Heritage Management (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. History and Tourism Management (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Population Studies (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Political Science (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Public Administration (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. International Relations (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Police Administration (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Human Rights (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Social Welfare Administration (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Linguistics (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M. A. Translation Studies (E.M.)
  • M. A. Philosophy, Religion & Culture (E.M.)
  • M. A. Development Administration (E.M.)
  • M.Sc. Degree Programs
  • M.Sc. Mathematics
  • M.Sc. Physics
  • M.Sc. Chemistry
  • M.Sc. Botany
  • M.Sc. Zoology
  • M.Sc. Applied Psychology
  • M.Sc. Geo-informatics
  • M.Sc. Marine Biology and Oceanography
  • M.Sc. Coastal Aquaculture

M.Com. Degree Programs

  • M.Com. (E.M. & T.M.)
  • M.Com. (Entrepreneurship) (E.M.)
  • M.Com. (Co-operative Management) (E.M & T.M.)
  • M.Com. (Banking & Insurance Management) (E.M & T.M.)
  • M.Com. (Computer Application)
  • M.Com. (Accounting and Finance)
  • M.Com. (Education Management)
  • M.Com. (Marketing Management)
  • M.L.M. (Master of Labour Management)
  • M.S.W. (Master of Social Work)

Under Graduate Programs

  • B. A. Tamil
  • B. A. Functional Tamil
  • B.Lit (Tamil)
  • B. A. English
  • B. A. English & Communication
  • B. A. Economics (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Business Economics (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. History (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. History and Heritage Management (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Sociology (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Human Rights (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Social Welfare Administration (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Political Science (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Public Administration (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Police Administration (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Social and Civic Studies (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Population Studies (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Social Work (E.M.)
  • Bachelor of Rural Management (E.M. & T.M.)

B.Com. Degree Programes

  • B.Com. (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B.Com. (Computer Application) (E.M.)
  • B.Com. (Business Studies) (E.M)
  • B.Com. (International Business) (E.M)
  • B.Com. (Accounting and Finance) (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B.Com. (Marketing Management) (E.M. & T.M.)

Diploma Programs

  • Diploma in Industrial Safety (E.M.)
  • Diploma in Industrial Hygiene (E.M.)
  • Diploma in Food & Nutrition (E.M.)
  • Diploma in Quality Control and Analysis of Industrial Chemicals (E.M.)
  • Diploma in Design of Foundation Systems (E.M.)
  • Diploma in Quality Management (E.M.)


  • Diploma in Tamil Journalism
  • Diploma in Folklore (T.M.)
  • Diploma in English Journalism
  • Diploma in Mass Communication (E.M.)
  • Diploma in Accounting and Finance (E.M.)
  • Diploma in Human Rights (E.M. & T.M.)
  • Diploma in Social Welfare Administration (E.M. & T.M.)
  • Diploma in Police Administration (E.M. & T.M.)
  • Diploma in Public Administration (E.M. & T.M.)
  • Diploma in Saiva Siddhanta (E.M. & T.M.)
  • Diploma in Self Help Group Management (E.M. & T.M.)
  • Diploma in Population and Health Management (E.M.)
  • Diploma in Panchayati Raj Administration (E.M. & T.M.)
  • Diploma in Consumer Awareness and Rights (E.M)
  • Diploma in Labour Laws with Administrative Law (E.M)
  • Diploma in Law of Taxation (E.M)

Diploma in Yoga (E.M. & T.M.)

Certificate Programs

  • Certificate Programme in Food and Nutrition (E.M.)
  • Certificate Programme in Plumbing (Water Supply and Sanitary Installations) (E.M.)
  • Certificate Programme in Binding and Finishing (E.M. & T.M.)
  • Certificate Programme in Office Management
  • Certificate Programme in Spoken English
  • C.L.I.S. (Certificate Programme in in Library and Information Science ) (E.M. & T.M.)

Double Degree Programs

  • B.Lit (Tamil)
  • B. A. English
  • B. A. History (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Political Science (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Economics (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B. A. Sociology (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B.Com. (E.M. & T.M.)
  • B.Sc. Statistics (E.M.)
  • B.Sc. Computer Science (E.M.)

For more please visit the website at

So these were some of the programs that you can choose from.

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