Top 10 Undergraduate Courses in India

Everyone after 10+2 have to take a path for achieving a successful career.

I know it is not easy to make a right decision because you are very young and naïve. You have just completed your high school and you have no idea what lies ahead.

Moreover, there is an extra pressure from your family because they have their own plans.

Sometimes you feel sandwiched between what you want to do and your parents’ longing.

However, in the end you have to make a final decision. You have to choose a course that has great prospects, an undergraduate course that can give you a job.

So we decided to write an article about top 10 undergraduate courses in India.

Undergraduate Courses

Top 10 Undergraduate Courses in India

What courses can you take after your 10+2? We divide courses in three categories.

1. Professional Certificate Courses

The first kind of undergraduate courses are certificate courses. Usually students know very little about certificate courses.

Most of students do not go for certificate courses because of their nuisance value.

But if you want a break and want to do something else for a year or two then you can think of certificate courses.

After that you can join a diploma or a degree course according to your wish.

2. Diploma Courses

Diploma courses can also be taken after your 10+2. Many students go for Diploma courses after completion of 10+2.

They prefer diploma over a degree course because they are confident that will get a job.

Students who choose for diploma courses are not very ambitious because they usually look for a job that is not very technical.

Some students join diploma courses right after 10th/matriculation. But after completing their 3 years of diploma they do join a degree course.

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3. Degree Courses

Fact of the matter is very few students go for either certificate courses or diploma courses after 10+2. Most of them would like to go for 3 years or 4 years degree course.

In fact in this article we would be talking about degree courses mainly.

Whether you are from science stream, commerce stream or arts stream, students prefer 3 to 4 years long degree courses.

Major Professional Courses

Before you choose a degree course you must explore all options.

In this section we shall talk about various lines or streams you can choose a degree course from.

Following are some of the most popular streams students usually choose after they complete 10+2.

1. Engineering Courses

You all know about engineering courses. Most of the students who are from science background go for BE after 10+2.

There are number of disciplines that they can choose from.

Usually BE courses are for four years but there are courses which are long 3 years long for example BCA, BSc etc.

There are other technical courses that students go after.

2. Medical Courses

Usually medical courses like MBBS are very difficult to pursue because of the availability of seats which are very few in numbers.

Few students who fall in general quota get admission into MBBS courses and rest of them have to satisfy with dental courses or other medical courses like B Pharma, BUMS etc.

3. Commerce Courses

Students who are from commerce background choose courses like B.Com, M.Com etc.

Here they learn about accounting and auditing so that they can become a successful charted accountant (CA).

4. Arts Courses

After medical, engineering, commerce students go for arts courses.

Students who pass 10+2 with arts stream goes for courses like BA and courses related to media & mass communication.

5. Business Management Courses

Business Management courses are for undergraduates. Students from any background can go for business management courses.

Courses BBA or BBM are example of business management courses.

6. Law Courses

Finally you can also go for law courses like LLB. You get bachelor’s degree in law after completing successfully in 3 years.

So these were major streams you can choose your graduate courses from.

Now we give you a list of 10 most popular graduate courses from every stream.

1. Bachelor of Engineering (BE): Engineering courses with disciplines like Electronics, computer, electrical, mechanical, civil and many more.

2. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com): You become a CA or a chartered accountant.

3. MBBS: A five year course for becoming a doctor.

4. Bachelor of Arts (BA): BA is for three years and after completing you can be a teacher.

5. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS): If you cannot do MBBS then go for BDS.

6. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA): If BE is tough then go for BCA because it is for just 3 years.

7. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM): BHM for becoming a chef.

8. Bachelor of Business Management (BBA): You do BBA before MBA.

9. Bachelor of Law (LLB): You learn about the law and want to be a lawyer.

10. Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFT): It is about fashion.

So these were top 10 undergraduate courses.

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