Top 3 Free Online Courses With Certificates

Courses always add value to the profile of an individual. But, some people will not be in a position to pay the fee required for taking courses, while some do not have the time to attend classes physically due to their tight schedule.

To help out these people free online courses with certificates are offered. Even though, these types of free courses are available in larger number of foreign countries, in India, this concept is somewhat new, but there are some service providers and companies offering these types of courses.

Free Online Courses With Certificate

Here are some details about the top 3 free online courses with certificates offered in India:

Free Online Courses With Certificate

Free Online Courses on RTI

The Department of Personnel and Training of the Indian Government in Association with the Center for Good Governance located in Hyderabad has been conducting a certificate course on Right to Information Act right from the year 2009.

This attempt to spread the Right to Information among the government officials and general public was found to be successful because of the satisfactions expressed by the participants.

With a view to make the same more interesting and engaging, it is offered in two different versions:

  • A 7-day online course
  • A 15-day online certificate course

The former will be introductory in nature, while the latter will be an advanced format, wherein the course takers will get hands on experience in practically applying the Right to Information Act.

Some details about the 7-day course:

  • This course is open for any Indian citizen with computer and internet connection and the course is open 24×7.
  • An individual, who want to take up this course can visit and can register. On successful registration, he/she will be allotted with a user-name and password for accessing the course. The 7-day will be counted from the first day on which he/she accesses the course.
  • This course will have 7 chapters and at the end of each chapter, the candidates will have to attempt four questions out of which at least 3 should be correct to move on the next chapter.
  • Maximum 3 chances will be given to the candidates to complete the 7-day online course. If it is not completed within these three chances, there will not be any future possibility to take up the course.

Here are some details about 15-day certificate course:

  • Candidates, who have successfully completed the 7-day course will only be eligible for this certificate course.
  • The other rules applicable for 7-day course are applicable to 15-day certificate course as well; the only difference is that it is meant for 15 days and there will be 15 chapters.

Free Course on Understanding the Origins of Crime:

Initially started as a blog Knowledge Steez has now developed as a website to help out law students from remote locations to look for career and academic opportunities.

Not only law students, those from social science stream can be benefited from the different free online certificate courses offered by this website in association with many leaders in the educational field.

The recent announcement is the course called ‘understanding the origins of Crime in association with Griffith University.

The course is planned to start on 05th of January 2015 and it will end on 03rd of February 2015. More details can be obtained from

Free Online Mini MBA Course

The trend called Massive Open Online Courses shortly called as MOOCs are gaining more and more popularity these days.

Following this trend, the Great Lakes Institute of Management and has recently announced to offer a Flexi MBA Programme.

Objective of the programme: This online mini MBA is a non-credit program that can provide a practical foundation to the students about the current business practices.

Even though, this mini programme will provide the course takers with the facility to gain the knowledge they need for succeeding within their organization, the objective of the course is to make them competent to take informed business decisions on problems that are affecting business organizations these days.

The courses covered under this programme are:

  • Business strategy
  • Business communication
  • Marketing management
  • Managing HR in the 21st century and
  • Accounting for managers

Even though, the course is free, candidates interested in getting the certificate will have to pay Rs.4999 and the certificate fee for Indian students residing outside India and for foreign nationals is US $182.

So, candidates interested in developing their knowledge and those interested in growing their career can make use of these free opportunities.


  1. i like to study after my bachelors MBA. so i like to have an online course so could u tell me which will be more suit for me.

  2. Hello, I want to do online 15 days RTI certificate course.. I lives in Delhi. Please send me details about this course. My email address is deepti.keepsmile
    Please help me.


    Respected Sir,

    My name is SURESH, belongs to a poor family background with big dreams. My family is poor NOT my dreams. I prepared for IAS examination, went twice for interview but couldn’t made it. I got depressed. I questioned everything about my Failures, I came to know that, our education system has deteriorated with so many loopholes.
    Every Student of our country having their education to get a job to get Financial Freedom. Studying for 25 years and then searching for a job has become a challenging task for them. If they get a job, okay ( surrendering his life) BY
    There are so many cases I’ve observed through my survey. They study something, they do something. Underemployment. Especially in rural areas, Day by day Unemployment rate is increasing in our country. Our students NOT becoming Creators, simply they are becoming Chasers. They are not Leaders. They are becoming Followers.
    I decided to make them more innovative rather informative using Practical way of teaching which will enable them to achieve success at an early age. My motto is to make them as Job Makers NOT as Job Seekers.
    • NextGen Learning Center is my brainchild, which will enable a student to learn what make them successful. I decided taking them to meet the demands of advanced generation. If we can catch them young, we can nurture them into a powerful Missile. I need financial support of Rs. 2,50,000/-
    Please support for my initiative by raising funds as maximum as possible.
    Please forward this initiative.
    Hopefully waiting for your quick and positive response.
    Best Regards,
    98852 11278

  4. Currently I’m working as Windows admin.. Which hadoop course is best for me..?

    What should I learn to become Data Scientist?

    Pl suggest

  5. Am Dr Njamba Mathew Henda from Zambia am interested in the mean MBA Am ready to start and pay the certification fee. Do have anything in education at the same level? Am an educationist . Regards Dr.Njamba Mathew Henda

  6. dear sir,
    you tell about 7 days certificate course but it has expired it’s URL link says ( this web side is temporary suspended for technical reason )

  7. Should it compulsory to wait for 7 days or 15 days to complete course. Either one can complete it within 2-3 days by studying more than one chapter in one day.

  8. i am interested to do MBA finance with 100% pass guarantee and required certificate. Please contact me on 8238910760. I am living in Ahmdabad.

  9. If any one completing 7 day corse and 15 day course then which job he can expect on the basis of his pass certificate.

  10. I was so happy to know the courses offered freely. I am interested to learn Mini MBA through this site. Kindly inform me about the courses offered freely in future.

  11. I was so happy to know to courses offered freely. I am interested to learn Mini MBA through this site. Kindly inform me about the courses offered freely in future.


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