20 Most Popular Job Oriented Diploma Courses

Nowadays, with the heavy competition prevailing in the job market, many youngsters are very well aware of the fact that just a degree alone cannot help them gain a competitive edge.

This is why they wish to pursue some additional courses like job-oriented diploma courses when they are at their degree level or they wish to take up such courses after completing their degree as well.

20 Most Popular Job Oriented Diploma Courses

Although there are dozens of job-oriented diploma courses but here I am going to tell you about 20 most popular job-oriented diploma courses:

Job Oriented Diploma Courses

1. PG Diploma in Preventive & Promotive Healthcare

This is one of the best job oriented diploma course. The present modern day lifestyle is creating many diseases and people look for ways to combat these diseases like depression, obesity, cancer and cardiac issues and this is what is taught to the registrants in this course.

Effective disease management and preventive measures are taught in this course, which is open for candidates with any graduation. This one-year course is offered by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University. This course costs Rs.17000 as fees.

2. Diploma in Paithani Handicraft & Modern Garments

Paithani weaving, which is a traditional hallmark in the state of Maharashtra is taught in this course. It is offered by YCMOU University with a view to take this traditional weaving method to the next generation.

Candidates with class 10 certification are eligible to apply for this one year course, which will cost Rs.20300 as fee. The medium of education will be bilingual Marathi.

3. Yuvodaya

This programme meant for graduates and insurance agents is offered by Delhi University and Met Life Insurance as a 3-month course.

It is offered at the Acharya Narendra Dev College, which is affiliated to Delhi University to improve the employability skills of interested candidates.

This is offered as an add-on course by Delhi University in the said college alone along with the graduate programmes.

4. Diploma in Archives Keeping

Archives Keeping is also considered a better job oriented diploma course. This one-year course offered by Directorate of Distance Education of Annamalai University requires the applicants to have a Master of Arts in Archaeology or History.

On completion of this course, candidates can find employment as lecturers, records managers, Public Relations Officer, Librarians, information managers and archivists in fields like reprography, conservation and other fields of archieval science.

5. Certification in Finance and Accounts

This course meant for B. Com graduates is offered by NIIT Uniqua in association with Genpact. The course fee is Rs.10150 and the duration is 4 weeks.

The course is designed to provide sound knowledge to the course takers in basic voice training, business processes followed by specialization in advanced voice training and fundamental finance.

6. Diploma in Education Technology

This course meant for candidates with higher secondary qualification is offered by MP Bhoj University for Rs.6900. The duration of the course is one year and it will introduce the students with multimedia integration in educational settings.

Diploma in Education Technology is meant for candidates with the aim of becoming teachers and wants to use multimedia technology in their teaching practices.

7. Bachelor of Tourism Studies

This course is offered by the Oberoi Group at their hotels located in different cities in India & is a good choice if you want to pursue job oriented diploma course.

On successful completion of this course, which will extend for 3 years, the students will be awarded with the Bachelor of Tourism Studies from the IGNOU and they will also get a Proficiency Certificate from Oberoi Group and the great thing here is that the candidates will also gain the position of Operational Assistant at Oberoi Hotels.

Those interested in higher studies can also opt for two-year management training programme at the Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development as against the job. The qualification required is 10+2 and the course is offered free with a stipend of Rs.3500.

8. PG Diploma in Instructional Design

PG Diploma in Instructional Design programme will provide the students with the theoretical and practical skill needed for design, delivery and evaluation of courseware.

They can gain professional qualification on instruction design from this course offered by Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning. The course fee is Rs.18000 and the duration is one year.

Graduates in any discipline from a reputed university are eligible for this course.

9. Post Graduate Diploma in Chemo-Informatics

Diploma in Chemo-Informatics is also a popular diploma course. This one-year programme will cost Rs.11000 for graduates with Biology or mathematics degree. This course is meant for creating appropriate talents for upcoming fields like biotechnology, pharmaceutics and agrochemicals and it is offered by MPBOU University.

Even though, the course duration is one year, once registered, candidates are provided with the chance to complete the course within 3 years.

10. Retail Management Programme

Candidates, who have completed their higher secondary with more than 60% of marks, are eligible to take up this Retail Management diploma course with duration of 12 months.

This course is offered by Indian Institute of Job Training located in Kolkata and the fee is Rs.35000. This course is meant for candidates, who wish to make a mark in the booming retail sector.

11. Diploma in Food & Beverage Services Management

Diploma in Food & Beverage Services Management meant for higher secondary completed candidates is offered by Maharshi Dayanand University. These candidates must have obtained at least 45% of marks at the higher secondary level.

This course offered by the Directorate of Distance Education of this university is a one-year course and the fee is Rs.21900.

Candidates will be given training and food and beverage services, related equipment along with practical training on food service methods, knowledge of equipment and personal grooming.

12. Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management

This six months course is offered by IGNOU for Rs.4000 and it is meant for engineering degree and diploma holders.

The objective of the programme is to disseminate the information about current development and reforms in the power distribution sector. Energy management and power distribution are the key areas of focus.

13. IATA Foundation Course

IATA Foundation Diploma Course offered by Kuoni Academy is for candidates with 10+2 qualification. The course has different levels and for each level the duration will be four to six months.

On successful completion of the course, candidates can find jobs in leading tourism and travel firms.

14. Radio Jockeying & TV News Reading

For all students pursuing different courses in Delhi University, this Radio Jockeying & TV News Reading course is offered by this university in association with R.K. Films & Media Academy.

This can be the best course for candidates, who wish to join the media industry, which is expected to experience great growth in the near future.

The course fee is Rs.15000 and this is meant for candidates with 10+2 qualification and the duration of the course is 3 months.

15. Real Estate Principles and Practices

The Indian Institute of Real Estate offers this course for graduates and professionals presently working in the real estate field and other fields.

This course, which will extend for three months period will cost Rs.12500. It is offered both in online version and correspondence version.

People can understand about the fundamental concepts of real estate business from this course and they will also understand the economics that affect the real estate decision making process.

On successful completion, candidates can find jobs in finance companies, brokerage houses and with real estate developers.

16. Storage Certified Professional Course

This short-term course, which will extend for 3 days, is offered by the Institute of Storage, Integration and Future Technologies.

The course fee is Rs.25000 and it is for computer literates with at least 6 months of experience in information technology or storage networking operations.

Candidates will get educated on backup and storage technologies from this course. It is meant for creating proficient storage specialists.

17. Diploma in Teaching English

Candidates with higher secondary qualification with at least 50% of marks in English are eligible to apply to this course. It is offered by Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is for one year.

The fee is Rs.7000 and candidates must have completed at least 16 years of age to take up the course. The aim of the programme is to develop proficiency in the methods of teaching English.

18. Bachelor of Co-operative Management

This 3-year programme is offered by YCMOU University. Candidates with class 12 qualification will have to pay Rs.6000 towards fee. The objective of the course is to prepare candidates for careers in management of co-operative societies in the country.

19. B.Sc in Hardware Networking & Digital Communication

This course is for candidates with higher secondary qualification and it is offered by the Karnataka State Open University. The fee for the programme is Rs.89700.

It is suitable for candidates looking for international career in Hardware and Networking. It is an industry-oriented certification programme.

20. M.Sc in Counseling and Family Therapy

This two-year programme is offered by the Indira Gandhi Open University and the fee is Rs.25000. It is meant for preparing candidates as family counselors, who are in great demand these days.

In India, the dearth of these professionals is highly felt these days and candidates with any UG Qualification are eligible for this course.

To conclude, there are many job-oriented courses in India and in addition to diploma courses, details about some degree and PG courses are also given above to help out candidates.

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