Things You Should Know to to Prepare for GMAT Test

Students aspiring for pursuing a management degree in the overseas are familiar with the GMAT examination.

Typically, the Graduate Management Admission Test can be defined as a Computer-Adaptive standardized test in the subjects of Mathematics and the English, in order to determine a student’s aptitude in these subjects, and if he has the capability to succeed academically in graduate business studies. gmat_test

Business schools commonly use the test as one of many selection criteria for admitting students in the field of business administration programs, in the top international colleges.

The comprehensive test of GMAT is delivered through computer at various locations around the world.

GMAT Test Papers

The mathematical, verbal and analytical skills of the students are determined via this exam. Candidates have to answer questions in each of the three areas. The test takes about four hours to complete.

Generally, scores are valid for five years, considering from the date of the test until the date of matriculation. Typically, the cut up marks of the exam is 800.

Parts of GMAT Test papers

Below is given the parts of the entire GMAT Test paper.

Analytical Writing Assessment

The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section of the test comprises of two essays. In the first part, you have to analyze an argument and in the second, you have to analyze an issue.

The test must be completed by 30 minutes and will read by two readers and each of them marks the essay with a grade from 0–6.

The first essay is to determine the creative writing of the student. The second essay determines the student’s ability to organize, develop, and express ideas with relevant support.

Quantitative Section

The quantitative section is featured with 37 multiple-choice questions and has to be completed by within 75 minutes. The questions of this part are categorised into problem solving and data  sufficiency. The scoring of this paper ranges from 0 to 51 points.

quantitative sectionProblem solving– The question of this part includes multiple-choice problems in arithmetic, basic algebra, and elementary geometry. You have to solve the problems and choose the correct answer from among five answer choices.

Data Sufficiency- In this part the reasoning ability of the students are judged by using an unusual set of directions. The examinee is given a question with two associated statements, which will be useful for answering. Now, the students have to determine, which one have to use to give the answer.

Verbal Section

Verbal Section comprises of 41 multiple-choice questions and the timeline to complete it is 75 minutes. Generally, the questions are categorised into sentence correction, critical reasoning,  and reading comprehension.verbal section

Sentence correction– The paper determines the candidate’s efficiency with International English grammar, usage, and style.

Critical Reasoning- The test contains brief statements or arguments and the candidate has to analyze the form or content of the statement or argument to determine which one is correct.

Reading comprehension- This part judges the students ability to read critically. The questions in this part are related with the given passage.



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