Best Ways to Answer “What are Your Career Goals”

Many people find job interviews to be highly challenging and this is why they wish to make their preparations well in advance to crack the interview questions easily.

Generally, during job interviews, the interviewers wish to assess whether the applicant can suit and can contribute towards the development of their organization.

Most of the questions posted to the applicants in interviews have some meaning behind. To give the correct answer to the questions asked, it is important that you should first understand the purpose behind that particular question.

You might be thinking about how to answer when the questions like ‘your ‘biggest weakness’, ‘what are your career goals?’ etc. is asked.

The answer to your biggest weakness is here, before actually finding ways to answer this other question ‘what are your career goals?’, it is better to first understand the purpose behind the question.

Purpose behind the question “What are Your Career Goals”

Before an interviewer selects you for the position, he will be interested in understanding as many things as possible about you. Here are some important facts and attributes that he might be interested in understanding about you, in such a way that he can judge your suitability towards the job:

Are you ambitious? Generally, businesses need ambitious workforce to make an effective contribution towards their growth. They always look for people, who can work hard and can prosper.

One of the important reasons for questions behind your career goals is to judge about your future dreams.

The way you answer for these questions will be helpful for the interviewers to judge whether you have long-term goals for yourself.

Also, if they cannot get the appropriate answer from you for this question, they will come to a conclusion that you are not an individual with any long-term goals for yourself and that you do not plan your future in advance.

Are you money-minded? Generally, money minded people will leave the job when there are some economic crises in their present employer’s company.

The loyalty of money-minded people cannot be trusted. Your answer to the question ‘what are your career goals’ will also be used by the interviewers to judge your loyalty towards the employer.

Are you a good leader? When you apply for higher position, your leadership qualities will be tested without any doubt.

Often, the ability to work with a team defines the long-term goals of an individual. It is believed that an individual with a goal of leading a team in the future will naturally possess leadership skills from within and with little grooming, this skill can be improved.

Now, let us get into the details about the things you should have in mind when answering the question ‘what are your career goals?’

To create a longstanding impression: Remember that your answer to this question should create a longstanding impression in the minds of interviewers. Your answer should showcase your willingness to work and your enthusiastic persona.

To get the new job: Your answer to this question should never affect your appointment. Before heading to the interview, do some homework and collect as many information as possible about the company, the hierarchy they follow and identify your traits that will suit the organization and accordingly plan your answer to this question.

To gain the trust of employers: Your answer should develop a trust in you in the minds of interviewers. You should remember to show your high morals, integrity and faithfulness when you answer the question about your career goals.

To market your positives: The answer should reveal your ambition, knowledge, skill and your ability to impress the interviewers.

Answer based on positions:

Your answer to the question ‘what are your career goals’, should vary according to the position to which you apply. Here are some examples to consider:

Management jobs: When you apply to management positions, you should never forget to reveal your desire towards managing and leading teams.

You should also explain why you are ideal for management position and here, you should showcase your ability to interact with people and how you can schedule tasks perfectly and how you can get things done from your team.

Creative jobs: Creative job positions need talent and skills. When you apply for this type of position, you should exhibit your ability to please the audience through your work.

You should try to explain how you are better than others and how you can make a remarkable impression for the company.

Technical jobs: Technical positions need ability and commitment to research and learn. When you gain good level of experience, it will be an added advantage.

Here, you can showcase your interest towards reaching top positions in your technical career and you can showcase why you are an ideal candidate.

A final word to remember is that you should never showcase your over-confidence when answering the question ‘what are your career goals?’

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