10 All-Time NON-Technical Interview Questions & Answers for a Fresher Job

Non-technical Interview Questions

If you are a fresher and applying for a job then you must be asked following mentioned 10 Non-Technical Questions.

Along with questions, I have given answers that you should reply to the HR who is taking interview.

Normally these are 10 typical interview questions and answers that a fresher would be asked.

Non-technical Interview Questions

Let us see them in detail.

1. Tell Me Something About Yourself?

This is the first that you will encounter. The Human Resource Manager would ask you to give an introduction about yourself. They would like to know about yourself as much as possible. This question is not just for fresher but even for experienced candidate.


I think you know the answer. You have to give best possible introduction of yourself. Please keep in mind, the longer the introduction the better it is. You must answer in such a way that there is nothing left to ask. Take your time while introducing yourself.

2. Why do You Want to Apply for this Job?

This would be the next question from HR. He/she would like to know why you are interested in this particular job. Why not some other job? HR wants to the answer of this question.


You could tell him the reason that working for this particular was my dream. I prepared myself to be able to work for this job. You must give an answer that is convincing. Do not tell that you want this job just to make some money.

3. Do You Have Any Prior Work Experience?

Third question that you might have to face is your work experience? This is very annoying question because a fresher would not have any work experience but still the HR would ask this question. They ask this question intentionally even they know that you are a fresher with no work experience.


Here you need to persuade your HR that although you do not have experience but you can learn the job in no time and give result like an experienced person. Normally, companies never prefer fresher they want experienced candidates only. So you have to convince that you are no less than an experienced person.

4. What would be Your Salary Expectation?

Although this question is asked in later stage of an interview but you will be asked this at some point. HR would like to know your salary expectation and you must answer this question wisely.


You have to answer what is appropriate. Do not get overexcited and demand a salary that you do not worth. You should give a number what is industry is giving to others right now. The number that you tell must sound sane to the HR.

5. How Long Would You Work Here?

This is very important question not for you but for the company in which you are going for the job. A company would like to know that for how long a recruit is going to work. They want that after giving proper training the recruit must work for the many at least for 4 to 5 years. Otherwise company will be in a great loss. So how would you answer this question?


Well! Never tell that you are coming for the job just for pocket money and you will work there for few months and make some money and leave that company. Never do this. The HR will never consider you for the job. Thus you should tell that you are very serious and would work for long time and help company to grow. Even though you may want to leave in few months but do not express this feeling.

6. Where is your Put-Up?

Now this is very basic question that where do you live? HR would like to know if you are living far from the workplace then it will be difficult for you to come for the work daily.


You must answer this question honestly and telling rightly where you live. If you live far away from the workplace then you must try to convince that you will come to work without any problem.

7. Do You Have any Health Problem?

This question is again very important for the company. If your health is not good then you might take leave thus the productivity and profit of the company would be affected. Hence for background check they might ask this question.


Even if you have health problem do not let them know. Don’t tell the HR that you have health problem, instead say you are perfectly alright and work any time of the day.

8. Who else are in Your Family?

HR might be interested in knowing your background. They would like to whether you live with your family or you are living alone with group of friends. This question is normally asked for a fresher job.


Give the answer honestly as there is nothing to hide. If you live with family then tell yes otherwise tell you’re living with some friends.

9. What Project or Assignment you did in Final Year of Your Course?

This question would be related to your academics. The HR would be interested in knowing the nature of the project or assignment you have to do in final year of your college life.


Prepare yourself beforehand to answer this question. You can take documents and other stuff to tell that you did this and this project. You can explain him in detail.

10. Where do you See Yourself in Next 5 to 10 Years?

This would be the final question asked by the HR that where do you see yourself in next 5 to 10 years. They actually want to know your ambition for the future.


You could say at the top of the company, means CEO of the company in next 10 years. You should tell, this is what I am aiming for now, rest I leave to god.

These are 10 non-technical common interview questions and answers that a fresher might be asked for a job. You can prepare best answers for these questions beforehand.

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