10 Questions About Job Fairs Every Fresher Should Ask

You might have heard about job fairs. If you are a graduate or still attending college, you must be aware of job fairs organized in your city.

So a fresher who is looking for a job must know about them. Thus, here are 10 tentative questions that a fresher would like to ask regarding job fairs.


1. Who Organizes Job Fairs?

The first question a fresher would like to know who are organizers of a job fair.

Well! The people behind these job fairs are mainly the top companies which are in a hunt for bright students who can work for them.

There will be a conglomeration of many companies who will be present at a job fair. You will come to know dug-outs of different companies who are hunting bright students.

2. Who all comes to Job Fairs?

Job fair attracts variety of people but if you visit a job fair you will find a large number of young undergraduates coming there.

Crowd going to a job fair are students just coming out of colleges and some of them are still studying.

Apart from fresher you find heavy presence of HR or Human Resource managers who are looking for bright students.

Therefore, expect more students in job fair who are just like you.

3. Why Should I Attend a Job Fair?

Now, this is a great question. If you are a fresher just coming out from a college who attends a job fair then it will be a great learning experience.

You will get to know the outside world and the competition that you might face in future.

If you attend a job fair you will see a lot of dug-out of various companies who are there to recruit students. If you interact with them you will come to know what they want from a student who is looking for job.

Moreover, in a job fair you will also meet a lot of students like you who have also come in search of a job. You can have a chat with them and share ideas.

4. What a Fresher Should Expect from a Job Fair?

As a fresher, you must not expect too much from a job fair. If you are expecting that you will instantly get a job then you might be wrong.

Although in job fairs, interviews are also conducted but it is not necessary that everyone gets a job.

If you are going to job fair with a mind to get a job and you do not get then you might be disheartened. So keep your expectation very low.

5. What all Activities I should Do in a Job Fair?

As I said in last paragraph that you do NOT necessarily go to a job fair only seeking for a job. But you can benefit a lot by attending a job fair if you plan your activities.

You should do following things in a job fair.

  1. Look out for each dug out and take a note of companies that are present there.
  2. Meet other colleagues you have also come there just like you. Talk to them and learn what they are saying.
  3. Give as many as interviews to various companies present there.
  4. Give your resume with your contact number to Human Resource manager or HR present at dug outs.
  5. Try to attend seminars, workshops, symposium and other such activities conducted in a job fair.

6. What all Activities I should NOT be doing in a Job Fair?

Similarly, you should avoid doing following things in a job fair.

  1. Do not waste your time by simply roaming here and there.
  2. It is not necessary that you should go for only a job. So do not commit anything to HR managers.
  3. Again, if you are still studying in colleges then do NOT leave your studies just for the sake of a job. It is quite normal that students discontinue their studies because they want to make money. So avoid such situation.

In fact many students go to a job fair for this purpose only so avoid meeting those students.

7. How a Fresher Can Make Best Use of a Job Fair?

A fresher can make best use of a job fair if he or she is really serious about their career.

If you are going to as many as dug-out and give interview, meet other students like you and know their ideas, attend seminars or workshops and talk to different HR Manager then surely you could get best out of a job fair.

At the same time you should avoid doing things that I mentioned in the last paragraph.

8. How I can keep myself up to date Regarding Job Fairs?

You can keep yourself up to date regarding job fairs through various means. The best ways are

  1. College Campus – It is the best place to get started.
  2. Newspaper Advertisements – You will see ads of job fairs.
  3. Online Websites – Online websites are also a way to get updated.
  4. SMS Alerts – You could get SMS alerts if you want to subscribe. I personally get a lot of such messages to attend job fairs.

9. Tell Me Some Upcoming Job Fairs in my city?

Well! I am giving you upcoming job fairs in few cities if it is happening.

  • Kolkata – NIIT Mega Job Fair 2013
  • Chennai – Creative Job Fair in 2013 for IT , Core Companies , BPO , Sale & Marketing
  • Bangalore – Creative Job Fair in 2013 for IT , Core Companies , BPO , Sale & Marketing

There are job fairs going in other cities also but I have given only few of them. You have to find out yourself.

10. Can I get name of few websites that has Information about Job Fairs?

Some of the website on the Internet where you can find more about job fairs are

  1. TimesJobs.com
  2. Monster India
  3. Naukri.com

So these were 10 questions that a fresher must ask if he is interested in attending a job fair. Job fairs could be a great way to know what is going on in your field.

For about govt jobs or Sarkari Naukri keep following our blog.

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