Why Government Jobs? – Benefits and Perks

All of us will agree that the greatest benefit of Government Jobs is the job security. This security relieves us from stress of job uncertainty and lay-offs which is prevalent in many private sectors.

In addition, there are plenty of other benefits and perks other than job security which makes government jobs as preferred career choice.

I have discussed below some of the benefits and perk that government jobs offer.

Govt Jobs Perks

1. Basic Pay – All the government jobs has basic pay which is a part of your salary. Payment for different level of people falls under different range of basic pay scales. Every year, basic pay gets increment from 3 percent to 4 percent. Basic pay is also increased when you get a promotion. All the basic pay scales are revised in pay commission set-up by government in every 10 years where your basic pay scales are increased by almost up to 100 %.

2. Dearness Allowance – Dearness allowance is paid to you on monthly basis based on inflation. This is paid to you in terms of percentage of basic pay. It normally increases in every 3 months or 6 months based on the inflation. Sometimes, dearness allowance is also up to 100 percent of basic pay. Dearness allowance is added to basic salary.

3. House Rent Allowance (HRA) – You will be paid House Allowance on monthly basis as per city you are working in. Normally, it is 30 percent of basic pay for metro cities, 20- 25 percent of basic pay for A-class cities, 15-20 percent of basic pay for B-class cities and 10- 15 percent of basic pay for C-class cities. Many government organizations provide government accommodation at prime localities and if you opt for government accommodation HRA is not payable.

4. Pension Scheme – Government organizations contribute up to 15 percent of your basic pay and dearness allowance towards pension fund on monthly basis. This ensures your better life even after retirement as you will get really nice monthly pension after retirement.

5. Provident Fund – You have to contribute minimum 12 percent of your basic salary towards pension fund. Many government enterprises contribute an equal percentage to your pension fund i.e. you deposit 12 percent and your government enterprise will deposit 12 percent. Hence, total 24 percent of your basic salary will be saved every month in your pension fund and this provides a great savings corpus.

6. Gratuity – You will get gratuity up to Rs. 10 Lacs on retirement from your government job.

7. Medical Benefits – You and your family will be covered under medical scheme. Normally, best government hospitals and best private hospitals on panels are there in the medical schemes. Hence, your total health issues are taken care at free of cost.

8. Other allowances – You are paid other allowance like Professional allowance, Education allowance for your children, Fitness and health allowance for yourself and family, and house maintenance allowance. You can get these allowances up to 50 percent of your basic salary and these are paid monthly or sometimes annually.

9. Conveyance Facility – You will be paid conveyance charges for your vehicle and its maintenance. It can vary from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 40000 per month depending upon the post.

10. Leave Travel Concession (LTC) – You will be given LTC once in a block of 2 years. Your government organization bears all your vacation expenses. Some government organizations pay lumpsum amount towards LTC i.e. they pay money which is up to 300 percent of the monthly basic pay for the block of 2 years.

11. Subsidized Loan for Houses and Vehicles – You will be given subsidized loans for your house and vehicles which is much lower than the market rates. So, you can purchase your own house and vehicles at a much lower interest rates and for longer period.

12. Bonus – You are paid bonus on annual basis. Bonus is paid up to 400 percent of the monthly basic salary.

13. Leave – You will be given different type of leaves. Normally, 12 Causal leaves, 10 Sick leaves and 32 paid leaves are given per year.

14. Telephone, Mobile and Data Card bill reimbursements – You will be given reimbursement for your monthly bill of telephone, mobile and data card by some government organizations.

15. Computer, Furniture Purchase and its maintenance Some Government organizations pay you money to purchase the computers, laptops, printers, and furniture on interest free loan and also pay annual maintenance charges on these items.

16. Education assistance scheme – Many Government organizations sponsor your higher education fees. Hence, you can upgrade your qualifications at the government cost.

17. Insurance Scheme – Many government organizations have insurance scheme to cover employee and his family in case of his sudden death or disability. Insurance benefits are up to 100 times of the monthly basic pay.

18. Scholarship scheme for Children – Your children will get monthly scholarship from your government organization after 10th standard if they secure good percentage in the exam.

Hence, I would advise you to regularly search new government jobs. You may refer employment news and many leading newspapers for getting new opening on government jobs. Our website Get Sarkari Naukri also provides latest information on all the government jobs. Wishing you all to get your dream government job.

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