25 Best Machine Learning Courses in India: Find Path to AI

In this article, find India’s best machine learning courses, whether you’re looking for free online courses or a machine learning certification. You will find everything here.
best machine learning courses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the future of mankind. In the coming years, robots are going to replace human beings in almost every aspect of our daily lives.

All these robots and other smart machines are based on Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technology.

For example, today, every app and website uses AI and Machine Learning technology to register and verify customer security for secure transactions. Face recognition is another area where Machine Learning is extensively used.

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is another great example of Machine Learning implementation. AI and Machine learning are one of the most important emerging fields of computer science.

If you are an undergraduate interested in pursuing a career in AI and Machine Learning, read the following article.

best machine learning courses

What is Machine Learning?

In layman’s terms, Machine Learning or ML is basically a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is defined as the capability of a machine/computer system to imitate complex human behaviours.

If you want to be more specific, then you can say Machine Learning (ML) is an AI technology that enables various software applications to predict more accurate outcomes without being explicitly programmed to do so.

Machine Learning (ML) is nothing but a set of algorithms designed to use historical data as input to predict new outputs.

Originally the term Machine Learning or ML was coined by Arthur Samuel, a computer scientist at IBM, a pioneer in AI technologies and computer gaming.

Generally, there are 4 types of Machine Learning.

Types Of Machine Learning

  • Supervised Learning: Machines are trained to use information from labelled or classified datasets to predict future outcomes. The whole process is supervised.
  • Unsupervised Learning: Unlike Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning does not use labelled or classified datasets to predict future outcomes. They can predict outcomes without human supervision.
  • Semi-Supervised Learning: Here, a combination of labelled and unlabelled data sets is used to predict future outcomes.
  • Reinforced Learning: In reinforced learning, there is no concept of classified or unclassified datasets. Machines learn from their past experiences.

ML is a vast subject, and it is going to be beyond the scope of this article to discuss every aspect of it here. Therefore I have kept the explanation very concise without getting into the details.   

Why Machine Learning Course is So Important Now?

In the coming years, almost every industry is going to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) to run their day-to-day business operations.

One of the best examples is the use of Robots for automating all types of manual labour. Whether it is manufacturing or servicing, you will see the use of robots everywhere.

Machine learning helps companies to learn trends in customer behaviour and operational business patterns. This information allows them to offer better solutions and develop new products.

Many top companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Uber have made machine learning as a central part of their operations.

If you learn machine learning and AI then you can design systems that can perform tasks and solve problems like human beings.

By learning ML, you can break into the AI industry and start a new career. There will be no dearth of job opportunities for a candidate with the right knowledge of ML.

Scope After Machine Learning Course in India

AI or Machine Learning is a disruptive technology affecting almost every sector of the economy. Whether it is agriculture, healthcare, automobile, banking, IT & communications, every sector is adopting AI and Machine Learning.

Following are some of the best job profiles you can be offered after the completion of the Machine Learning (ML) course.

  1. Software Engineer – You will be designing, developing, maintaining, testing and evaluating computer software.
  2. Software Developer – Build software from scratch, which will run on various machines.
  3. Data Scientists – Extract, analyze, process, and model data, then interpret results to create an actionable plan.
  4. Machine Learning Engineer – Programmers who write basic codes.
  5. Computational Linguistic – Design systems for speech recognition, speech synthesis, grammar checking etc.

Career Opportunities after ML Course Completion

After completing the ML course, you will not sit idle at home without a job. There is a huge demand for ML experts in the market. ML Jobs are highly paid jobs in India because companies are ready to offer handsome salaries.

The approximate salary can be anything between Rs 600,000 – Rs 30,00,000 annually.

Here is the annual average salary of an ML expert in India.

  • Software Engineer – Rs 600,000 – Rs 12,00,000
  • Software Developer – Rs 500,000 – Rs 12,00,000
  • Data Scientist – Rs 6,00,000 – Rs 30, 000, 00
  • Machine Learning Engineer – Rs 500,000 – Rs 10,00,000

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Eligibility Criteria

The Machine Learning eligibility criteria are different for different courses depending upon factors like the type of course, educational qualification, duration, institution, fees etc.

  • Students who passed 10+2 from a recognized board are eligible for ML certificate courses.
  • To pursue diploma courses, you must be 12th pass & for PG diploma you must be a graduate.
  • To pursue bachelor’s courses, you must be 12th pass with a minimum of 50% marks.
  •  For Master’s and PG courses in Machine Learning, you must complete a graduation degree from a recognized university.

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Machine Learning Curriculum

Following Table is a typical syllabus of a Machine Learning course.

Data Science Tool KitStatistics & Exploratory Data AnalyticsMachine Learning – 1Machine Learning – 2Natural Language ProcessingDeep LearningReinforcement Learning
PythonAnalytics Problem SolvingLinear RegressionAdvanced RegressionLexical ProcessingIntro to Neural NetworksClassical Reinforcement Learning
Python for Data ScienceInvestment AssignmentLR AssessmentTree ModelsSyntactic ProcessingConvolutional Neural NetworkAssignment
Math for MLInferential StatisticsLogistic RegressionModel Selection PracticalSP AssignmentRecurrent Neural NetworkDeep Reinforcement Learning
Data VisualizationHypothesis TestingNaïve BayesBoostingSemantic ProcessingProjectProject
 Exploratory Data AnalysisModel SelectionUnsupervised Learning-ClusteringBuilding Chatbots  
   Unsupervised Learning Principal Component Analysis   

Top 5 ML Courses for Beginners

To be eligible for ML beginner courses, you should have a 10th or 12th pass.

1.     Machine Learning from Basics to Advanced – Provided by Udemy, Rs 3500/-
2.     Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Programs – Provided by Udemy, 7 Hours 42 Minutes, Rs 1280/-
3.     Data Science: ML – Provided by Edx, 7 Weeks, Rs 7000/-
4.     Certified AL & ML Blackbelt Plus Program – by Analytics Vidhya, 100+ Hours, Rs 55,000/-  
5.     Advanced ML & AI Course – by Coding Blocks, 75+ Hours,  Rs 25,000/-  

Top 5 Machine Learning Certificate Courses

You should be a 12th pass to be eligible for ML certificate courses.

1.     IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate – Provided by Coursera, Rs 3000/- Per Month
2.     Professional Machine Learning Engineer – Provided by Google, Rs 15,000/-
3.     Machine Learning Certificate – Provided by EdX Harvard University, Rs 7500/-
4.     Certificate in Machine Learning – by Stanford University, Rs 6000/-  
5.     Professional Certificate Program in ML & AI – by MIT, Rs 25,000/-

Top 5 ML Courses for Undergraduates

For the 12th pass, students can join the following 5 popular ML courses. 

1.     B.Tech in AI and ML – Provided by SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRM IST), Rs 11,000,00/- Full Course
2.     B.Tech In CS & Engineering with Specialization in AI & ML – Provided by Vellore Institute of Technology, Rs 800,000/- Full Course
3.     B.Tech in CS and Engineering Hons. In AI and ML – Provided by the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Rs 12,00,000 – Rs 13,00,000/- Full Course
4.     B.Tech in AI – by Indian Institute Technology Hyderabad, Rs 1,20,000/- Full Course   
5.     B.Tech in CS and Engineering – by Indraprastha Institute of IT, Rs 1,80,000/- Per Semester  

Top 5 Machine Learning Online Courses

Following are popular online short Term and certification ML courses. Some of the top providers of these courses are Simplilearn, Coursera, Udemy etc.

1.      Machine Learning Course Online – Provided by Intellipaat IIT Madras, Rs 85,000/- Per Month
2.     Professional Certificate in ML and Finance – Provided by eDx, Rs 1, 20,000/-
3.     Machine Learning Fundamentals – Provided by EdX, Rs 27,000/-
4.     Machine Learning A-Z, Hands-On Python & R in Data Science – by Udemy, 45 Hours, Rs 3500/-  
5.     Machine Learning Specialization – by Coursera, Rs 3,000/-  

Top 5 Free Machine Learning Courses

Following are Free online Machine Learning Courses.

1.     Machine Learning Crash Course – Provided by Google, Free
2.     Introduction to Machine Learning – Provided by Udacity, Free
3.     Machine Learning by Andrew Ng- Provided by Coursera, 61 Hours, Free
4.     Machine Learning Full Course – by Edureka, 10 Hours, Free  
5.     Scikit-Learn – by FreeCodeCamp, 3 Hours, Free  

These were some of the best Machine Learning courses of all types offered online and offline. You can choose a course according to your educational qualification and budget.

Once you have chosen an ML course, you can further do some research on the course and make a final call.

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