Do Engineers From IIT Really Earn Big Fat Salary?

Well! The title of the article is very relevant to all those students who are in 10+2 or Pre University College want to get admission in IIT’s. In fact, the title of the article is a question and the question is, do really IIT engineers earn big fat salary?

We will find the answer of this question in this article. However, this question is very intriguing for many reasons. First is, why every student from Science background in India wants to get admission in IIT’s.

Eventually, only few candidates succeed and remaining candidates have to join other colleges. But still their first preference would be an admission in any of the IIT universities.

Let us see, why it is so?

Why Only IIT Engineers?

Why the title of the article says about IIT engineers only. Why not other colleges? Well! The answer is very simple, it has to do with the attitude of our society at large.

We the people, have made IIT engineers as a symbol of social status. It is parent more than children, who take pride in being parents of IITians. They feel that their social status has gone up as their children are studying in IITs.

Moreover, IIT themselves are premier institutions in pioneering technology. Hence, even the government of India takes pride in IITs.

Therefore, engineers from IITs are special compared to other engineers and that is why, we are talking about salary of IIT engineers only.

IIT's an Aspiration for Millions of Students in India

We all know about the aspirations of people for a Sarkari Naukri. In India, everyone prefers a Sarkari Naukri over a job in a private company.

Likewise, there are millions of students in India who aspires to be an IITian. In fact, I was one of them few years back. I know, students start preparing for IIT entrance exam long before.

I have seen, how students have to go through mental stress because they have to study so much in a short period of time.

What I am trying to say is that you do not see such pressure when students prepare for other entrance exams or want admission in colleges apart from IITs.

Perception about IITs in Our Society?

We talked about what parent feels about their children studying in IIT’s. However, I have serious problem when it comes to the perception about IIT’s in our society.

Society at large thinks that only students who are studying in IITs are the best and remaining of them are inferior. It believes that for social mobility, admission of their child into one of the IIT’s is must.

The worst thing about this mindset is that it puts a lot of pressure on the child who is preparing for the entrance exam. In fact, I have seen in exam preparation even parents join their children and your entire family is anxious to know the results.

It really makes me sick because in the end, children are at the receiving end.

From Where to Expect Big Fat Salary, Private Companies or a Sarkari Naukri?

Now we come back to our question, do IIT engineers really get big fat salary? What is going inside? Because from the surface, we all know that their salary is very high compared to engineers coming out from other colleges.

An IIT engineer could get a job in a private company as well in government sector. But who is paying more? Well! The answer is off course the private sector.

Most of the engineers from IIT’s work in private companies, number of students working for government are less.

Hence, whatever their salary happens to be, most of it is coming from the private sector jobs, not a Sarkari Naukri.

What Government & Private Companies Think of IIT's and IITians?

I think answer to this question would not come as a surprise to you. We all know, the government as well as the private companies has high regards for the Institution and the engineers coming out from them.

Many IITians have done so much for the country and government very well appreciates this fact. In addition to government, corporations also realize the potential of an IITian. Every company wants to recruit best talent into their organization and what could be better than an IITian.

Therefore, an image of an IITian is great in the eyes of government and corporations, both.

Could image translate into the big fat salary? Let us see.

Do IITians Really Earn a Big Fat Salary?

After going round and round, now we have come to the point. The answer is Yes and No, both. It is bit confusing, but I will explain you.

When answer is yes it means, only those engineer get big fat salary, who perform well throughout their academic period. It does not mean that after getting admission into the IIT, a student has to stop concentrating on studies.

He is has to be consistence and work hard throughout his college life. Only those students or engineers get big fat salary.

On the other hand, students who fail to give good performance are paid less compared to an engineer from other college.

So the point is very clear, not all of the engineers from IIT earn big fat salary. A student has to work hard even though he is from IIT.

What About Salaries of Engineers from Other Colleges Compared to IIT Engineers?

As I said earlier, if a student has performed well and meets all the requirement for a job then he might get a salary as much as an IITian. Otherwise, no one will ask him.

Bottom line is you have to perform well in your college, yes IITian has an edge over others but it does not matter if you do not study even after getting admission in IIT.

Do Things are changing now?

I do thing from past decade, attitude of the society is changing. People are not that crazy about IIT’s or a Sarkari Naukri like they were 10 years back.

The prime reason for this change of mind is because today there is a lot of opportunity in almost every field. A student from any background could excel in his career.

I think this change is very positive.


Finally, I will conclude by saying do not generalize about IIT engineers. Not all of them earn big fat salary.

Yes those who perform well throughout they do earn big fat salary, however you cannot say all of the engineers coming out of IITs get big fat salary.

So the answer to the title of the article cannot be too simplistic, it is mixed one.

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