5 Important Questions in Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee satisfaction in any company leads to positive business outcome. If employees voice is not heard they may feel under-appreciated, unvalued and may look out for other opportunities in life. For avoiding employee satisfaction survey is the best option.

While preparing Employee Satisfaction Surveys it is important to first note down the topics and then focus on the specific which topic will be included. The employer may think of having many questions in the surveys but it’s not possible in a single survey.

Survey questions should cover the important questions which are related to the organization and which will show the relationship of the employees towards organization.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

In employee satisfaction surveys the following topics should include

  1. Satisfaction towards the job
  2. Goals and objectives in the organization
  3. Work culture
  4. Pay scale
  5. Performance Appraisals
  6. Career development
  7. Office structure
  8. Training
  9. Relation or co-ordination with co-workers
  10. Overall satisfaction.

Through employee satisfaction survey the employer gets the idea whether the employees are satisfied or not towards the job. Survey helps employer to understand the needs of the employee, what they think about the work culture, about the company, about sub-ordinates, about work profile, about yearly appraisal etc.

Today most of the organization have started using online surveys as they are less expensive, paperless and ensures all the questionnaires are attempted. Indirectly the employee satisfaction survey is like reading mind of the employee. Through surveys employers can build on the strengths and can improve deficiencies in the organization.

The other side employees think by participating and completing a survey they can see some improvements and new action plans in the organization. Through survey’s Employee’s expectation also raises.

Schedule for Survey

Survey should be scheduled when there is adequate time to plan and implement on the survey results. Survey should not be done in peak times. Even employees should be given enough time to complete the surveys and if possible reminders should be forwarded.

Confidentiality of Survey

It is important to keep the survey results confidential. This is 100% possible if the survey is done through the third party. Or else the survey should be done by the department who can keep the results confidential.

Research has been done that the survey conducted through third parties are more valid.

Here are 5 Important Questions in Employee Satisfaction Surveys which measures employee satisfaction in organization.

1. Are you satisfied for working for the company?

  • Extremely Satisfied
  • Extremely Dissatisfied
  • Somewhat Dissatisfied
  • Very Dissatisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Satisfied

2. What do you like best about the company?

3. Are you satisfied with….

(a) Your current pay scale

(b) Your career development

(c) Performance appraisal

(d) Benefits offered by company

  • Extremely Satisfied
  • Extremely Dissatisfied
  • Somewhat Dissatisfied
  • Very Dissatisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Satisfied

4. What should company do to make the workplace better?

5. Would you recommend the workplace as the good place to work?

  • Agree completely
  • Disagree Completely
  • Somewhat Agree
  • Strongly Agree
  • Somewhat Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

The results of the employee satisfaction survey should be discussed with the employees.


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