Does Your Resume Pass the 6 Seconds Test?

Do you know how much time the recruiters take to analyze your resume? Only 6 seconds. That’s it. A recent study was done by the online job matching service TheLadders. Last week they released their findings of the study.

Recruiters receive hundreds and thousands of resume for a single vacant job and they choose the right one in a day. Within these 6 seconds your resume will be selected or rejected.

So to get passed in 6 seconds test your resume should have crucial information and the skills about you. You should have an eye catching resume. You have only 6 seconds to make an impression about your CV.

Before interview your first contact with the recruiter happens when they view your resume. Your resume should be in simple language.

The important things which recruiter goes through the 6 seconds scan is the location of the candidate, educational qualifications, work experience and the designations held.

The recruiter should be able to view this important basic information easily. Even the educational qualification and the work experience gives an idea whether qualified or not for the vacant position.

So what should your CV have and which are points on which the recruiters focus?

Here are some of the important points you should consider when creating your resume.

Name and contact information:

Your name and the contact information should be on the top of the resume and be easily accessible. Recruiter’s look out for the location as they get an idea about how far the candidate is located from the office area.

Detailed information about the current position

Mention your current position in a proper way and in proper place, so that you don’t waste the recruiter’s time in searching the designation and the work profile.

Current job position gives an idea, if you are currently employed or unemployed. This information makes you qualified or unqualified for the vacant post, depending upon the recruiters requirement.

Also if you are working on the same role as the vacant position then your chances are higher of getting selected.

Company details

Mention your company details clearly if you are working for the branded company don’t forget to mention it. It will be a plus point. But even if you are working for a small company mention it.

Previous Job position

Don’t forget to mention your previous job details. Recruiters are interested to know where you were working earlier. Also they try to co-relate with the current position.

Your resume should show you are climbing the ladder. Your current job position should be on the top than the previous job position. This will showcase you are taking bigger responsibilities and bigger roles.

Start and end dates

The start and the end dates of your previous job are important as it will denote the longevity with the company. Recruiters are interested to know how long you worked with a company.

By this they come to know your stability and reliability with a company. Also if you have changed a job with short span of time they might think twice before calling you.


After the above five points recruiters try to find out about your educational qualification. If you don’t have the required qualification as per the recruiter’s then they just disqualify the resume.

Whatever qualification you are having and from which ever institute you should mention in your resume.

Showcase your skills

After the above main important points your resume should be able to showcase your skills. Showcase your strength and expertise properly.

For a single position recruiters get thousands of resumes but if you have any extra qualification and expertise from others, then your resume will stand out.

Size of the resume

If your resume is more than two pages then it will be boredom. If you are fresher than your resume should be only of one page and even if you have some experience i.e. less than five years, then also your resume should be of one page.

If you have five years experience then two pages resume will be okay. If you are applying for a senior position then you can limit on the educational qualification details and can focus on the work experience.

Proper Formatting

Your resume should be proper formatted and should be in black and white format only. Also use the fonts like Arial, Times Roman and font size should be of 10 to 12. Don’t add graphs, tables in resume.

As sometimes while downloading the resume through the job sites error may show in your resume. If you are a creative person like graphic designer then your resume can have different colours with different background. For other job profiles it will not work.

Don’t add hobbies

Many candidates write their hobbies in resume but does it really helps in getting a job. Recruiters focus mostly on your qualification and not on your hobbies. You can tell about your hobbies during the interview.

No fraud allowed

Your resume should be honest i.e it should be true. It should not have any fake information. To get hired don’t write in your resume about any fake qualification and experience. This will ruin your career in future.

Every recruiter before giving a call for interview views the resume for 6 seconds and then qualifies or disqualifies the CV. So to get passed in this 6 seconds test write the position you are applying for and know what the recruiter will look for. Keep your resume simple if it is congested then recruiter will find it difficult to look on your good points.

I hope the above information is useful for your resume to pass in 6 seconds test.


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