Top Tips to Find Free Career Counselling from the Government

With the growing possibilities various career alternatives, career counselling has become an important part of the job hunting process. Accordingly, a number of career counselling companies are growing up at a rapid pace, most of which claim to offer the right career direction to the candidates.

However, the most significant problem, which many of us have faced so far, is the large sum of money, charged by these companies as their fees. But, now it’s easy to find effective career counselling and that too absolutely free of cost.

Yes! That’s true and you can have such free career counselling from the government. In case, you have been laid off or hacked off with the current job, it’s time to look for a change and take resort to the free or low-cost career counselling from the Indian government.

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Before you spend a lot of money on career counsellors or expensive career books and assessment tests, check out the resources here, which may help you to avail the career counselling services offered by the Government.

1. You can find effective career counselling service from the Indian government through the Indian Department of Labor.

They can provide you necessary ideas about career-oriented education and required information about it. Apart from these, it also provides industry-oriented training and helps you to create professional resumes and tips to get through the interviews.

After the completion of your academic career, the Department of Labor helps you in job search. You can access this information free of cost from the government.

2. You can find your state’s career counselling institution from the search engine. In every state, the Government offers free career counselling services in order to help citizen join the workforce of the state.

Today all the states have resources to help its people to find free career counselling. You can also check out the career counselling services through your city’s webpage.

3. You can also find good career counselling program from your local community college. Most of the community colleges have multiple of resources to help people making decisions about their careers.

They not only help you to identify your career interests but also assist you in finding the right jobs for you. They take help of several strategic ways to help you in making your career. Most of the career counselling programs offered by the government have career assessment tests, information about local job fairs, and lists of job openings in your area.

Many community colleges offer career counselling free of cost, although some of them charge a small fee, only if you are not an enrolled student. Taking resort to the counselling program of a community college is one of the best ways to find right direction to a potential and lucrative career path.

Government of states worldwide has taken a step forward to help the citizen do away with recessions and redundancy. Career counselling free of cost is one such potential addition to this noble mission.

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