Get Assured Success in Interviews by Developing Your Personality

Imagine you are facing an interview! You have a good knowledge about the subject. But, you are not able to express or speak properly. What will be result? Probably, you may not get selected for the job.

Now, you can understand the power of your personality development. Despite you have thorough knowledge about the subject than others, it is only because your inability to express your thoughts or put the answers properly, you have lost the opportunity and may continue to lose further opportunities.

Hence, it is of paramount importance that you develop your personality. Here, we will focus of mainly on the public speaking part. Other aspects of the personality development are your physique, your dress sense, body language and gestures.

These other aspects can be developed in a short span. But, it takes more efforts to develop public speaking skills.

Normally, everybody has a stage fear. It is natural. People develop initial fear before starting their speech or public conversation. Even great orators have this. But, it goes off immediately after the speech begins.

Now, how to develop public speaking skills? Best tip to develop public speaking skill is to join public speaking coaching.

Public speaking coaching is available in almost all the cities. Professional public speaking coaches are available here who work on you to develop your public speaking skills.

Some of the benefits of public speaking coaching for developing your public speaking are:

i. Understanding of English grammar and developing your vocabulary

If your knowledge about the English language is not good, you can still learn public speaking effectively. But, if your knowledge about English is not good, I will advise you to learn Basic English grammar and also develop your vocabulary.

It helps you to build your confidence in spoken English. Normally, public speaking coaching classes also covers Basic English grammar and helps to build your vocabulary.

I would like to suggest you a book ‘Word Power Made Easy’ for improving your vocabulary.

This is one of the best books I have come across which helps building your vocabulary. You can learn basic grammar in some weeks and building vocabulary is an ongoing process.

ii. Practicing public speaking in speech sessions

After getting Basic English grammar knowledge and developing your basic vocabulary, you should start practicing public speaking.

You can start with the small topics and use basic words for speaking to get confidence. You can begin with the small topics like ‘How I spent Yesterday, My daily routine etc.

After you get confidence with the small sessions of public speaking, you may start taking different topics for public speaking. You should prepare the topic and speak in front of your colleagues in public speaking coaching in speech session.

Joining public coaching classes is beneficial as others also have come there to develop their public speaking skills. Hence, you feel comfortable. Secondly, you can exchange your thoughts with others and it also helps in developing your skills.

Your class friends are your captive audiences for your speeches and hence, it further boosts up your confidence. You can develop public speaking skills in some months.

I advise you to continue with the practice to develop your skills further. Public speaking coaching takes care of practicing the speech of their candidates in speech sessions.

iii. Guidance on body posture and body language

You posture and body language is also important along with your speaking skills. You should stand straight while giving the speech with your hands closed.

Open up your hands in between as your speech goes on. You should develop eye contact with the audiences while giving the speech.

These are some basic things regarding body posture and body language which will add effectiveness to your public speaking skills. Public speaking coaching also guides you about your proper posture and body language.

iv. Preparing for group discussion

Your group in the class can conduct group discussion on different topics. Your public speaking coach is an expert in this field and acts as an evaluator in all your group discussions.

Your coach will help you on how to prepare for group discussion, how to express your ideas and how to conduct group effectively.

Hence, you will be prepared for any group discussion. As I have explained earlier in my group discussion post, group discussion is very important for getting selected in any interview and it is one of the main phases adopted by companies for selecting candidates.

You may refer my article on group discussion for getting further understanding and knowledge on group discussion.

I am very sure if your develop your public speaking skills which is an important part of personality development, you can get assured success in any interviews. Best luck!

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