How to win in Group Discussion!

Today, group discussion is one of the important aspects in getting jobs in many elite Government and private organizations. You will wonder why?

Group discussion is an important tool for many organizations to find right candidate for their organization who fits into their organization culture.

Every organization has its own culture and they try to find a candidate who can culturally fit to their organization so that such candidates can adapt easily into their organization.

Secondly, group discussion is an important tool to find out how candidates behave while working in groups. This is very important for organizations as people work in groups in many organizations and team work is the key for their organizational performance.

Hence, you can see that group discussion has a profound impact in the selection process.

Typically, a group discussion consists of a group of candidates and an evaluator who guides the communication and evaluates the candidates.

A topic is given to the candidates for discussion in which they are expected to give their views. Finally, instructor concludes the discussion.

Limited time is given for each candidate to express their views. Topic can be on current affairs, technology, socio-economic aspects and many other topics.

If group discussion is so important, you may ask how to conquer it? I will give you some vital tips which will help you to win any group discussion and brightens your changes of selection in any of the interview.

1. Be in touch with latest information

You should be in touch with the latest information on current affairs, technology, latest trends etc. These topics are normally preferred by the companies for group discussion. You need to know the thorough details about the topic so that you should be able to give your opinion about the topic.

2. Have right posture and gesture

You should sit in straight, comfortable and confident posture. You should use assertive and soft tone and avoid aggressiveness.

3. Grab the opportunity to speak first

If you have a different opinion or view about the topic, try to begin the group discussion with your views. It leaves an excellent impression on the evaluator if your ideas are out-of-the box. But, begin first only when you have thorough knowledge about the subject.

4. Avoid argument in the group discussion –

You should avoid any kind of argument in the group discussion. It reflects very badly on the candidate. You should never try to prove others wrong in the discussion. Arguments and proving other’s opinion wrong should be strictly avoided in any group discussion and you will be rated negative even if your views or opinions are good.

5. Be relevant

Your communication should be relevant with your topic. You should not repeat the same point. Your communication should be crisp and avoid lengthy and irrelevant discussion. Irrelevancy and undue lengthy discussion irritates others and evaluator in the discussion. You may intervene others if they go on irrelevant tracks

6. Respect for other’s ideas and viewpoint

You have to show respect for other ideas and appreciate contribution from others. Don’t try to just go on with your discussion and rigid on your viewpoints. You have to allow others to speak and express their viewpoint. You can object other’s viewpoint if you have a very strong reason. Remember that group discussion is a method to find out your group working skills and designed to get group consensus and solution at the end.

7. Develop an eye contact with the other participants

You have to establish an eye contact with other participants to have smooth and involving discussion. You should be receptive in the discussion and also nod your head when other participants express their ideas or views.

8. Participate actively in the discussion

The evaluator wants everybody to express their opinion on the topic and also wants to see how you speak, your gesture, posture and your body language. Hence, you should put forth your views actively in the discussion.

9. Think Well and be prepared before speaking

You can prepare some relevant points on the piece of paper and think well before speaking. Remember evaluator is judging you based on your views or opinions you express.

10. Express your viewpoint with facts

While speaking, express your opinion with facts and figures. Use good quotes, statements and day-to-day life examples to express your idea or thought more clearly. This may leave a very good impression on examiner and will help you to get high score in the discussion.

I am hopeful that with above tips you can win any type of group discussion. Best luck!

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