Video Resume – A Guide & Helpful Tips to Create a Great Video Resume

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Video Resume Part One: Creating your Script

If you’ve decided to get started on creating a video resume – congratulations, you are ahead of your competition!

Once you embark on this mission you’ll find there are a myriad of decisions you will need to make.  Like, whether to do it yourself, or use a professional.

If you do use a professional, how much help will you need?  What will you put into your video and once completed where you will post it to attract the most opportunity?

Part one of this ‘helpful tips” series will provide you with information on developing the message and script you will need for your video resume and help you decide whether to use a professional to assist you with this piece or do-it-yourself.

One thing is for sure, it is critical that you take the time to develop a quality video resume.  Otherwise, it will do more harm than good in managing your online visibility and professional career.

We can’t stress enough that your video is a “make or break first impression” of who you are in your profession.

There are many elements that you will need to consider in order to ensure your video is created using best practice standards. One of these elements is to create a quality script – you don’t want to wing it here.

Your Script in Video Resume

You may believe that you will be more natural if you just turn the camera on and ‘wing it’, just saying what comes to mind in the moment – and at times that can be very true.

However, when you only have a few seconds to grab your viewer’s attention, it is in your best interest to create a powerful message and practice delivering it until you can convey it naturally.

There are numerous reasons that it is vital for you to have a script and one of them is that the viewers of your video are busy and want good, solid concrete information about your value-add as quickly as possible.

If you decide to ‘wing’ your conversation you may very well lose your viewer to your competition.

Trust us, after watching and critiquing loads of video resumes, the last thing a busy recruiter wants to hear is disconnected verbiage with lots of uh’s and um’s stumbling through the video content.

So, prepare a powerful, scripted message and practice for a natural, easy flowing delivery.


Here is where many people make the biggest mistake – they think that the video resume is actually a read of their written resume in brief.

This could not be more untrue.

The video resume would be more aptly referred to as a ‘video introduction’.  It is your chance to let the viewer know what makes you different and how you will impact their organization in a positive way.

How you will fit in with their culture and what difference you will make to their organization based on your skill set.  It is a completely new level of the resume – resume 2.0 if you will.

There are numerous ways you can impart your value in your messaging.  One of them is through your energy level and the delivery of your professional stories – or how you have influenced outcomes in your previous professional endeavors.

This is where you need to hook your viewer so that they want more of what you are saying.

Remember, stay focused on the reason behind your video resume which is to obtain an in-person interview and/or discussion around a possible career opportunity.

Video Resume Part Two: Delivering Your Message

Once you’ve pulled together your script and practiced again and again, you will be ready to begin the delivery of your message.

There is really a lot more to it than just reading your lines.  Think for a moment of what an actor or actress would look like if they just read their lines verbatim, without exuding any emotional emphasis.

Although you’re probably not trying to turn yourself into an actor, you will be wise to take note from their practice of the importance in the impact of the delivery of your message.


You will want your viewer to see you in a confident, relaxed manner.

Why?  So, you provide the appearance of being in control of who you are as an individual, who you are in your profession and how you manage your career.

You will want to give the viewer a sense of what it would be like to work with you on a day to day basis.  Low energy and deer in the headlights eyes will not do the trick here.

You want to put your best foot forward and show your viewer you are ready to rise to the occasion and tackle the challenges for which they are seeking a solution.


Your overall appearance can either add to, or take away from, the viewer’s experience of your video.  Each profession has an expected ‘appearance’ that goes along with it.

Think for a moment of the artist, or construction builder, or banker.  Each one of those professions brings to mind a very different expected appearance.

The artist will most likely be wearing something that is creative looking, while the construction worker will have on heavy boots, overalls and perhaps a tool belt.

Yet the banker will more than likely be wearing a suit, tie and be well groomed overall.  Projecting the expected appearance to your profession in your video will enhance the impact of your message.

Body Language

The use of body language in your video resume is extremely important.  Begin to work with this as you practice your video shoots.

Be extreme; take a shoot of you delivering your script with absolutely zero expression or body language.

Just drone on and never move your head, do not use your hands – zero expression.  Watch the replay.  Then, do another shoot; over exaggerate everything – big smiles, hands moving, head rocking.

Watch the replay.  Have fun, but overall recognize the necessity of meeting this energy in the middle.

Viewers need expression and emphasis in order to follow along with your message.  Never make the mistake of boring your viewer.

Video Resume Part Three: Setting the Stage

You’ve probably heard the saying – he was so excited to get invited to the party he forgot how to dress.  Well, the same can happen when preparing your video resume.

It is amazing how many videos we have critiqued where the person who created the video simply neglected to notice how they set their stage.

Background can speak volumes to the viewer

Always remember the way something is presented can make all the difference.  Think about top luxury stores who can sell the same coat as the low discounters.

The price one might pay while shopping at a high end store will be far different than at a low end discounter, where the display may be haphazard and cheesy.

The same can be true with your video resume.  You could have all the qualifications, presence, message and delivery, yet if you neglect the tiny details (like a professional background) whala! – you’re hosed.

Your viewer can gather the wrong first impression of you by an untidy background, or noisy environment – an impression that may shout that you don’t pay attention to details.

Background Choices

Although you don’t have to have an ‘executive’ level background it is a good idea to make sure that your background matches your profession.

If you want to project a professional image make sure you shoot your video in an office setting – clean, not cluttered, with perhaps a computer in the background, a clean desk and organized book shelf.

If in doubt, get a nice smooth draping cloth.  Make sure if you use a fabric that it is not busy or wrinkled.  Something solid is best.

Avoid shooting your video in the outdoors, unless you’re in a field that suits that environment, since there can be background noise to deal with and lighting difficulties.

Background Music

Our tip is ‘do not use any background music’.  This is based on the fact that your viewer may be completely turned off by your choice of music and that will impact their first impression of you.

Plus, you do not want to begin to deal with music fading and the possible confusion of music over your voice and the message you want to impart.

Best practice is to forget the music and just go with your own voice and personality to convey your message.

Best of luck to you for creating a great resume!

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