What is a Flexible Working Schedule?

The flexible working schedule is becoming very popular in the work place today. Employers are trying to find ways to reduce costs and foster a more productive work environment for all employees.

They are now doing this by changing the traditional Monday through Friday work schedule. The employee may work more hours per day or less hours per day.

In some situations, the staff may work more days or less days per week. This type of work schedule will vary by industry, by department, and by each individuals work requirements.

First, the flex working schedule is developed based on the company or industry. A hospital has to be opened 24 hours per day. Flexible Working Schedule

The hospital will offer a work schedule for some nurses to work ten hour days for four days a week and they will have three days off from work.

There are also nurses that work only on weekends and they have the rest of the week off. Flex working schedules will vary based on the companies and the industry.

Next, the flex working schedule is developed based on the department where the job is being performed. A department store has set operational hours.

The department store managers will work with floor supervisors and employees to develop a work schedule that will help them serve their customers quickly and efficiently.

For example, the department store may close early if sales are declining after 7:00 pm or just have one sales person assisting customers. On the other hand, a local police department will allow officers to rotate night shifts with supervisor approvals.

Then, the flex work schedule is based on individuals needs and the work requirements. A college math professor can put in a request to work a 90% work week which means he will work 36 hours per week.

The professor will work Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and have a 1 hour lunch each day. On Friday, the professor will work from 8 a.m. to Noon Friday and have no lunch hour. Families are changing and employers are constantly adapting to individual work schedules.

Finally, the flex work schedule will vary based on many factors. The work industry, the department work environment, and the individual work load will all determine what kind of schedule is necessary.

Today, employees are simply submitting a request to their supervisor for a flex schedule. The flex schedule may also include work from home responsibilities.


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