Entry Level Sports Jobs in India

Once you graduate with a sports management or related degree, it is now time to choose your entry-level position. The first step you take will work as the foundation stone for your entire career in this field.

So, this step should be taken with utmost care. There is a wide range of entry level sports management careers that will permit you to develop the skills and reputation needed for moving to the next level in your career.

After your graduation in sports related degree, you can find the following entry-level positions:

entry level sports jobs


If you are interested in selling, the best thing you can do is to look for entry level sports position. ‘Sales’ is a field that needs lesser experience and more importance will be given to your personality and communication skills.

So, when you are good at these, you can very well apply for sales position in the field of sports. You should also have the enthusiasm to sell goods and more sales you make for your employer, better will be your chance to gain higher position along with better pay.

Facility staff

You can start as a facility staff, which is generally an entry-level position that will help you gain better positions in the future. Once you prove your sports management skills and impress the employer, you will be in a position to gain better positions in the same facilities department.


As you might be aware, interns are generally provided with entry-level position, where they are paid in the form of stipend, as against salary.

When you join as an intern in a company operating in the field of sports, you can choose any fields within this industry like finance, public relations, administration, etc, wherein you will be provided with on-the-job training.

On the completion of the internship period, you may get the job in the same company or in a different company operating in the sports field as well.

Even though, this entry-level position will pay you less, it is a sure fire opportunity to show your talent to the top management to find a regular on-roll position in the same organization.

Otherwise, you can use the certification and work experience you gain through the internship program for your future job hunt in the sports field.

Marketing and communication

Even though, sales are important, only when there is a good marketing, orders can be actually generated for selling items.

So, if you feel that you have great interest towards the marketing arena and if you feel you have the ability to grab the attention of potential customers with the help of your good communication skill and talent towards advertisement and marketing, it will be easier for you to gain entry-level position and show your talent to climb up in positions in your favourite field.

Customer service personnel

Again, this position demands good communication skills and you should also be in a position to gain complete knowledge and understanding about the products and services offered by your employer.

More than anything else, you should have the patience to answer to the queries of customers. It should be remembered that all customers are not alike and one thing that can be easily understood by one person cannot be understood by another and so you should patiently explain to such customers.

Also, most of the companies get in touch with their customers to know about the quality of service offered by their customer service staff. If you do not answer politely and rightly, you might get negative comments and this can impact your job.

Social media coordinator

If you regularly use social media sites and if you are interested in media and public relations, this can be the great job for you. Here, you should have good writing skills for updating details about your employer on social media.

Earlier, ‘sports’ was considered just as an entertainment field, but now it is turning out to be an employment field as well. Once you get into this career with any of the above-mentioned entry-level positions, you can gain experience and knowledge to improve further in your career.

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