7 Jobs That Will Thrive In The Next Decade

Although the job market is still a bit weak, there are certain industries within the market that are booming. Over the next decade, there are some specific sections of the market that will be full of job opportunities. Here are seven jobs that will thrive over the next decade.

7 Jobs That Will Thrive In The Next Decade

1. Nurse

Nursing is a job that is going to be in high demand in the next decade. Currently, there are plenty of job openings for nurses as it stands. When you factor in the baby boomer generation getting older and the influx of patients that will result from the Affordable Care Act, you’re going to have a lot of work to go around.

2. Solar Panel Installer

The solar industry is poised to grow over the course of the next decade. The country is actively searching for ways to get away from fossil fuels and brown energy. Solar has historically been too expensive for the average family to afford. However, thanks to falling panel prices and many different incentives, the payback period is going to make sense for a lot of people.

3. Systems Analyst

As companies start to get more involved in technology, systems analysts are going to be in high demand. With the vast influx of computer servers and other equipment into the business world, they’re going to need people capable of maintaining them.

4. Software Engineers

Over the next decade, a very large number of software programs will be developed. Many new companies are coming into the market with hopes of being able to create new software products and get them out to the consumer. Some of these will be software as a service arrangements as well. Companies will need large numbers of software engineers in order to make this happen.

5. Financial Advisors

Although the financial industry got a big black eye in 2008 and in the years since, working as a financial advisor might be a smart career move in the next decade. With baby boomers reaching their retirement years, they’re going to want some help with their portfolios. Many new people will also be entering the workforce to take those jobs opening up, and they’ll need help with retirement planning.

6. Consultant

Working as a consultant can be extremely rewarding if you can get a job. Over the coming decade, many new businesses will be developed and many of them will look for help from a consultant. They want to see that you know what you’re doing and that you can help them get over the hump. If you’ve been successful in another field, you may be able to convert that into success in the consulting industry.

7. Civil Engineer

Many engineering firms are having a hard time finding qualified civil engineers to fill the jobs that they have available. Civil engineering job openings are somewhat linked to population growth. As more people come along, more infrastructure is needed for them. This means that many new developments and projects will be in the works over the coming decade. Civil engineers will be needed to help with these massive plans.

No matter what you plan on doing over the course of the next decade, make sure that it’s something in a high-growth field that you enjoy. When you have job security and you’re satisfied with your work, you don’t have much to worry about.


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