How to Prepare for IIT-JEE without Entrance Exam

People who have opted for IIT-JEE or are looking forward to opt for this test must keep in mind that it is not an easy task to go for such type of exam. If you are planning to prepare for this type of exam on your own, then certainly this article is of right help.

Take a look at some of quick tips that can help you know more about this examination and how to successfully clear the eats on your won and without any need of coaching. This would certainly help you go through the whole academic year successfully and get into the best college for a better career success.

Prepare IIT Jee

What is IIT- JEE?

Also known as the JEE Advanced, it is one of the most important entrance exam that is generally given by the students who are planning to join the Indian Institutes of Technology.

This exam is for the undergraduates and is considered as the one of the priorities that a student must fulfill to enter in such career. As compared to other exam, it is considered as extremely tough for which one needs good attention, focus, deep study, and guidance so that the success is achieved in a right manner.

The good part is that as compared to other courses, the admission rate for the exam is extremely low. All you need to do is a get a well planned preparations so that you would be qualified in this exam.

Step by Step that you should follow to prepare yourself without the need of a coach:

  • The very first and the most important thing that you should never underestimate is your confidence. keep your confidence level high and Always believe in yourself. Certainly, if you have made up your mind to do this exam, always remember, that you should also have a good idea of the aft that there are other competitors as well who must be striving hard to achieve success. Hence, believe in yourself, have a good confidence level and be optimistic in your way.
  • Plan everything properly. Deice the subjects the way you are planning to learn. Start with the most difficult subject, understand the concepts, learn and read thoroughly. If you need help on some problem, make the use internet as the option to get the solution. If you are still not happy with the way you have been planning up your studies, make a time table and accordingly start with learning.
  • Working hard is one of the most important things in the whole examination preparation. Understanding the topics can be quite confusing at the beefing. But with lot of dedication and focus, you would certainly get a good knowledge.
  • Buy the low level books that would reduce the gap between 10th and JEE level concept. To cover the 11th standards books, 2-3 months is quite fair and to cover the 12th books, you need at least 3-4 months. Hence plan you accordingly. You can buy NCERT books for better practice.
  • Solve as much problems as you can. This will keep you fresh and energetic all day long and you feel motivated to solve the issues in much better way.
  • Get all the necessary books to learn. Arihant book, Das Gupta, and THM are some other option to go for Maths while for Physics, H. C. Verma is the sufficient one to read the subject through. R.C.Mukerjee is another good option for chemistry.
  • Make sure you read all the necessary problems and try to solve the difficult ones first. This would help you understand the concepts thoroughly and thus you can achieve the success in better way without the need of coaching. Best of luck!

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