Nine Best Reasons People Switch the Job

Many youngsters go on switching the job for various reasons. The job sites, networking sites and the HR consultants have made it easier for the youngsters to switch the job again and again.

Through these sources the youngsters get knowledge about the current available vacancies in the job field.

Even there are some organizations who don’t hesitate to hire the candidate who have already worked with several companies. Actually the organizations look out for the overall rich experience in the resume gained by the candidate.

Why People Switch the Job

Here are nine best reasons why people switch the job

1. Higher Pay

Lots of the youngsters or the fresher or the mid level professionals change the job just for the higher pay. Everyone wants the pay hike and you don’t get it staying in same job for years.

It is seen that those who change the job frequently are earning more than the people who stick with same job for years. Keep in mind if you are changing the job just for the better prospects, don’t hesitate to inform your interviewer.

2. Boss

Not all get the good boss and the bad boss makes the employee to take the decision of switching the job.

There are bosses who expect from their employees to work long hours, on weekends, holidays, assigns too many tasks at a time and torture for several other reasons.

Also they don’t appreciate for any good work and speak rudely. Instead of getting fired from the job the employee only first switches the job.

3. Hate the job

A daily routine job makes life boredom. People wants the new challenges in office work, something new to learn in office but if there is nothing they start hating the job.

People spend most of their day time in the office and they should be able to enjoy the work they do. If they find the daily job as less exciting then they lose their interest in working and then change the job.

4. Becoming your own boss

Some people after gaining years of experience think of starting on their own. Instead of working for someone else they plan to work on their own.

Job satisfaction is more important for this people than the money. Even if they have a good job, good company and a good boss the idea of becoming own boss leads them to switch the job.

5. Other personal reasons

Too long distance travelling, getting stuck everyday in traffic, rotational shifts, lots of out station travelling and many other similar reasons will lead to switch the job. With the better pay package people also look out for the comfortable living.

The above personal reasons leads to consume more time and less time for family or other activities. It becomes difficult to handle work life balance so while selecting a job consider other things also. Even relocating to a new place or getting married leads to switch a job.

6. Company facing problem

When the company is facing some problems due to finance or due to economic conditions or in other terms either they don’t pay their employees the salary for some time or tell them to quit the job.

It is better for the employee at that time to quit the job and get the compensation whatever the company offers instead of waiting for the company to restart again.

7. Career Growth

After working for a long time some people finds no career growth in their job. They are stuck with same work profile and with same responsibilities for long time. Nothing new to learn and your career growth stops there.

Even people switch the job if they are working with a company on temporary basis for long time and yet no chances of permanent job. Lack of appreciation and recognition from the managers makes the employees less motivated towards the work. This makes them to take a decision of switching job.

8. Office Stress

Loads of tasks in office, excessive work load may disturb the office as well as the personal life. Not everyone is able to handle the overload of the work and then a person takes the decision of switching the job.

Also if the job is too challenging and putting more stress physically as well as emotionally. People switch the job.

9. Bad office Culture

Many big companies offer their employees lots of perks, facilities, good pay package, other activities and compensation but if there is bad office culture many thinks to switch the job.

In some offices the new comers or the existing employees don’t get the proper guidance or training or the respect from the senior employees or the managers.

They don’t treat well to their junior employees. There is poor communication in between employees. This makes the office bad place to work.

Job switching is not bad, if you have done it for career growth and other valid reasons. Also if you have changed the job within a short span of time, it will have bad effect on your resume.

At the last the employer wants someone who will work for long time and perform duties properly. Job switch is good for employee but not for the employer.

Only you should be able to explain properly why you switched the job to the interviewer.

Did you switch your job recently? What was your main reason to switch your job?

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