Is an Internship Program Worth It?

Many recent graduates complain that the reason why they don’t immediately get a job after graduation is due to their lack of experience. In response, the majority of universities have incorporated the internship program into the curriculum.

This on-the-job training is a systematized way of exposing students to a particular field. When you begin, you will be oriented with the company, your role as an intern, and the people you will work with.

Next, you will receive work assignments, and you are expected to produce quality outputs. More often than not, an employee will be assigned to supervise and monitor your performance.

Even though you will only be with the company for 6 to 12 months, you will gain a number of benefits including the following:

internship program

Competency Building

Your real-life experience will develop your knowledge, skills, and abilities for a particular position. Accounting interns may be asked to adjust entries, set up cash flow statements, or do inventory pricing.

Agriculture students may be asked to conduct research on farm production, pest control, or farm to market issues. As a computer technician intern, you might be requested to resolve network problems, CPU repair, or answer customer questions.


They say that broadening your network will bring tons of job opportunities. Many job advertisements are not published in classified ads; they are circulated through word of mouth.

If you treat the people you meet during your internship program well, chances are they will support your endeavours. They might give you practical tips on how to ace an interview or refer you to a recruiter, organization, or manager.

Career Reflection

Within the short duration of your internship, you can also reflect upon whether this is the career you want to pursue. Can you see yourself working in this field for years to come?

Do you enjoy the pace, the people, and the sector? If your answer is no, don’t blame yourself for choosing the wrong internship program. Things like that happen.

Focus on finding alternative career options. What other industries and/or jobs are you qualified for?

Job Offers

Companies accept interns not only because they want to assist students, but because they also benefit from the program. One obvious advantage is getting an additional hand in the office for free or minimal pay.

The not-so-apparent advantage is the opportunity to screen potential employees based on actual performance. Therefore, it is important for you to produce quality output, establish good relationships with colleagues, and enthusiastically accomplish your assignments.

If the company has no plans of hiring additional staff, or if another student is chosen for a vacant position, don’t become easily frustrated. As long as you put your best foot forward during your internship program, the company will recognize your abilities and consider you for future openings.

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