7 Clear Signs You are in the Wrong Job

Some people begin their each day with the aspiration of being in a different job and just with a view to go with their aspiration, some quit their current job and begin the search for their dream job.

When this is the case of some people, some cannot quit the current job all of a sudden, just because of their financial needs or other reasons and so they continue in the current job without any enthusiasm.

There are also some, who get stuck in the dead-end jobs, just doing the same type of work again and again or doing whatever they are instructed.

However, they always have a thought in the back of their mind that this is not the right job for them and they should be doing something else in their lives.

After having read all these, if you think whether the current job is right for you or not, here are the 7 clear signs that can show you that you are in the wrong job:

1. It is the Sunday evening, but your body still wants it to be a Friday night

For many people, Sunday evenings signify the end of the weekend and they get ready for the week ahead with all sorts of enjoyment.

But, if you feel ill about getting back to the work next morning, it is a sign that you are in the wrong job. It is true that many people dislike Monday mornings, but the thought of getting back to the work should never make you sick.

2. Is it quitting time yet?

Do you feel that every day at your office goes very slowly and do you feel that every minute is longer and you are watching clock very often?

Reports state that clock-watchers are less productive are they are the first to leave the office and they are generally the first to take any breaks.

When you are not in the right job, you will keep looking for excuses to avoid work.

3. You are jealous about achievements made by others

You know very well that being jealous about others, is not a good practice.

If you find that you are feeling jealous about the achievements and accomplishments made by your colleagues and begin to hate them, it is a sign that you think yourself in their positions and wish to live their lives, instead of the life that is gifted to you.

If you are jealous towards someone, who is doing your dream job, it is a sign that you are not in the right job.

4. Stress and anxiety follow you all day

If you find that you are always in a bad mood and you are always stressed out at work and if you find that your boss is just adding on more works to you and your colleagues annoy you, this is the right time for a job change.

If you get constant stomach aches, headaches and experiencing sleepless nights, just because of your thought about the huge workload you have, your current job is creating mental illness.

So, listen to your body and quit the current job and take some rest before you get a new job.

5. You are not satisfied

Another important sign is the unsatisfactory feeling you get as and when you think of your job.

Generally, many people are engaged in a work that they never dreamt about, but at some point of time, they begin to love their job accepting the reality.

They also begin to feel satisfied about their work. But, if you cannot achieve this satisfaction, it is a sign of your wrong placement.

6. When money has no effect on you

Even though, your salary has increased for the same position and your thoughts still remain the same about the job, it is still a warning sign that you do not like the job.

Your inner feelings state that this is not the job that you wish to do forever in your life. Even though, some people say that higher pay can change the situation, it does not work out for all.

7. It is the job or the organization

Initially, when you joined the current job, you felt that everyone in the organization is so kind on you. But, now everyone seems to frustrate you.

This type of situation should bring confusion whether you are in the wrong job or wrong organization. When you continuously find it difficult to relate yourself to the organization and its values, this is the time to look for some other organization or even some other field.

Of course, you can search for jobs in the same position.

So, carefully follow the above-mentioned signs and if your inner feeling says that this is the right time to search for a new job, just begin your search.


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