Top 10 All-Time Freshers Jobs

If you live in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore or any other metropolitan city of this country, when you complete your degree course you’re in an urgent need for a job.

And you know, no one likes to give a job to freshers because they do not have any experience. Those freshers who get jobs in Multi-National companies are extremely talented and not everyone can be like them.

So what are those jobs that especially suits freshers coming out of college. These jobs must be easily available in their city.

Here are the list 10 all-time freshers jobs in this country. They absolutely suit a fresher coming out of college.

freshers jobs

1. Tele Marketer

Tele marketer is the first job that you could choose to do. This is very easy job as you have to call people and educate them about a particular product.

You might have received phone calls by tele marketers where they sell phone packages etc. This job is very easy to do and students with less educational qualification can also join.

The salary of this job is quite modest say Rs 7000/- to Rs 10,000/- depending upon your performance.

2. Voice/Non-Voice CSR

CSR means customer support representative. CSR job are normally related to BPO industry. You can be a CST for voice process or Non-Voice process.

Voice process means you have to sell or educate about a given product to customers around the world. You might have to talk to customers living in USA or UK. Here your English must be good if you’re dialing outside the country.

The basic skill that you need for Voice process is the communication skills. While in Non-Voice process you do not talk to customers but you send emails and support them.

Graduates or freshers can apply for this job because they are high on demand.

As far salary is concern for Voice CSR you could get Rs 10,000/- to Rs 25,000/- for Non Voice it is less Rs 8,000/- to Rs 12,000/-

3. Voice/Non-Voice Technical CSR

This is also same as previous one but it is technical. You can say previous was non technical. Here, you have to solve customers’ problems which are technical in nature. If might be related to software or hardware service, networking etc.

Freshers you have done BE or any other technical course could apply for this job. The salary that is paid here for voice support is more than Non Technical CSR.

It starts from Rs 18,000/-.

Tech companies like Dell, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Inforsys, Wipro etc are looking for CSR. Hence you could apply for it.

4. Sales Executive

Sales executive is yet another very well known job fit for a fresher. If you can talk to customer face to face and convince him for a product then you can be a sales executive.

Here like earlier jobs you do not have to talk on phone because you will be talking face to face with customer. Good communication skill is required with the good knowledge of the product that you’re asked to sell.

Salary could start from Rs 10,000/- and go up to Rs 30,000/-

5. Data Entry Operator

Yet another very familiar job but very apt for a fresher like you. Data entry operators are very high in demand. Every company wants them to feed data into their database.

You need to have typing speed of 40 words per minute (wpm) to 50 wpm. You could be a graduate or even under graduate can apply for this job.

Salary is very modest. You get Rs 7,000/- to Rs 12,000/-. It is good that you work for some time and leave it for a better job.

6. Receptionist

This job is specifically targeted to women. Women have a great chance to become a receptionist. Every new company or upcoming business needs a receptionist.

If you are presentable and have good communication skill then you are fit for this job. It does not matter whether you’re a graduate or under-graduate for this job.

The salary starts with Rs 7,000/- and ends up to Rs 15,000/- to even Rs 20,000/-. Depending upon the firm she works in.

7. HR Manager or Consultancy Services

Now this job could be demanding for a fresher. HR manager or Human resource has to recruit freshers or candidates. So it means a fresher has to recruit another fresher. If you have a consultancy background then you could start working as HR manager.

If you don’t then leave it. Basically here I am talking of a consultancy job where you can consult a person and make money.

Consultancy service could be anything like Real Estate, Jobs, legal etc.

8. Blogging with Google

If you live in a metropolitan like Delhi or Mumbai then you have a great chance to become a blogger. Although Google does not ask for any particular qualification to became a blogger. But if you like to write then you could become a successful blogger with Google. In India, there are many successful bloggers.

They make enough money by just working from their home. They make from Rs 10,000/- to Rs 200,000/- per month.

9. Freelance Writer

Like blogging you can also become a freelance writer. This job is online as well as offline. But it is more available online. If you have passion for writing then you could start making money with freelance writing. You have to write for orders given to you. First you have to register online.

You could make money from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per month.

10. SEO Expert

Last job is also related to Internet and is normally known as SEO jobs. Search engine optimization jobs are bit technical and it is for freshers with engineering background.

I am suggesting this particular job because it is very easy to do it and you can make good money from it. Moreover, it also has a great future.

So web portal owners are looking for SEO experts. Initial salary could be from Rs 7,000/- to Rs 40,000/- per month.

The 10 freshers jobs mentioned above suits every type of candidate. Jobs are for candidates with less technical skills to advanced technical skills. First few jobs are for people with no technical skills, then in the middle, jobs are for medium technical skills and last few are very technical.

So it suits every type of candidate.

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