7 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn for Career Success

As compared to what it was some years ago, the hiring market has developed to a great extent. Even though, media and digital space has developed widely these days, many job seekers are not fully-aware of the ways in which they can use new media towards their career success.

Here are some insider tips that can help you in understanding how to make effective use of the social networking site LinkedIn towards your successful career, particularly towards your effective job search.

Here are 7 ways to achieve the same and you will find at least 2 of these ideas to put into action just today itself:

1. Optimize your LinkedIn headline

When you have an attractive and optimized headline, recruiters can be impressed to click and view your profile, when they get to see you in search results or through group update email alert. linkedin for career

Take a review of your headline at LinkedIn in detail to ensure whether each word in it will serve a purpose.

The purpose may be from SEO point of view or can be for describing why a recruiter should decide to find out about you. Here, you should be careful in avoidance of overused descriptions like ‘goal-oriented’, ‘dynamic’ and ‘innovative’.

As against this, you can pay attention to your accomplishments and your experience. Even you can specify about the value you can bring to a new organization.

2. Get to know the recruiters in your sector

The important point to remember is that recruiters generally wish to know, who has viewed your profile page. This is done to check for potential candidates and client interest in the business.

So, to get noticed by recruiters, you can just conduct a research for recruiters operating in your field and then view their profiles.

This idea will particularly workout when you have written a compelling LinkedIn headline that will entice the recruiters in your field of operation.

There are great chances that they will get in touch with you through in mail message or email, if they find you to be the potential candidate they are looking for.

Even though, presently you might not be recruited, there are great chances that if they find you to be interesting, they will send you a request to connect.

3. Get in touch with industry peers for free

You might not be aware of the fact that you can get in touch with many of the LinkedIn members for free simply by becoming a part of the group in which they are already members.

Once you become a group member, you can just get in touch with them directly by sending a message without having to pay for in mails.

If the group to which you join is an industry-focused group like eMarketing association network or Digital Marketing, you can get the chance to make professional contacts in your field by being a part of discussions.

This is a great way to make new contacts, which will be of great help to your career development.

4. Share, like or comment a recruiter’s update

This is a simple way to get noticed by a recruiter. This can also turn out to be an opening door to interact with them directly.

Generally, people feel good when their content is interacted and recruiters are no exception to this rule.

Particularly, when your comment helps in spreading their content, they will feel highly gratified and there are chances that they will get in touch with you in back.

5. Profile optimization

You might be interested in finding some positions as a means of reaching to the next level in your career.

Just look for job descriptions for the type of position that you look for and identify the keywords used therein and use them in your profile page as well.

When you do this, employers looking for the rightly skilled people can rightly find you on LinkedIn.

6. Compile a list of companies with whom you wish to work

First research and find a list of companies to whom you wish to work.

Then, look up their profile pages in LinkedIn and if you find that they update the profile page frequently with the updates about their company, you can just follow them.

This will be of great help to you when you get a chance to attend an interview with the company in the future.

7. Connect to people who can help you in long term

You might have a plan about, where you want to be five years from now on, connecting yourself both with recruiters and industry contacts can be of great help in succeeding in your career.

Here, the important point to remember is that you should not be fixated in making just senior contacts alone. Even, a junior contact can bring a big change in your career.

As a final word, LinkedIn is all about relationships, while it is crucial to identify your requirements in the present circumstances, remember that your career can experience a growth from long-term thinking as well.

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